Rx Safety Releases New Transition Safety Glasses

Rx Safety just released an incredible line of transition safety glasses and prescription transition safety glasses.

Photochromic Safety Glasses in P820 Black Frame with Transition Lens, Angled to the Side Left

New Transition Safety Glasses from RX-Safety

Safety glasses are only effective while you’re wearing them. It seems pretty obvious, but most of us can give at least a few excuses for taking off our glasses during the day, whether it be to itch an eye or because the frame is getting uncomfortable after hours of wear.

As you may know, transition safety glasses change with the lighting. They turn from light to dark when you step into the sun and from dark to light when you step inside or when night comes – removing the need to take off your safety glasses to switch between clear glasses and sunglasses.

Transitions, or photochromic light-changing lenses, are the latest in lens technology, and we offer them in prescription and nonprescription styles.

Photochromic Safety Glasses 1205 in Black Frame with Transition Lens, Angled Side Left

Rx Safety’s New Transitions Safety Glasses offer:

  • Photochromic lens technology: Your safety glasses are sunglasses in the sun and clear glasses indoors and at night.
  • Prescription and plano (non-prescription) lenses: Transitions Safety Glasses are available in a huge variety of frames, regardless of whether you have a prescription.
  • Polycarbonate, impact-resistant safety lenses: The safest, most impact-resistant lens material on the market.
  • Thinner, high-index lens technology: We also offer ANSI-certified high-index lenses for those with a strong prescription who want a thinner lens.
  • Advanced frame fitting technology for the greatest comfort, even after hours of wear: Our frames distribute grip pressure in such a way that they stay secure without causing discomfort, no matter how long you’ve had them on.
  • No excuses for taking off your safety glasses!

Rx Safety’s new transition safety glasses were designed with the worker in mind who needs to wear safety glasses in a variety of conditions or at different hours of the day. It only takes one badly-timed moment without your glasses for an accident to damage your eyes permanently. That’s why we’ve made our transition safety glasses so versatile; you’ll be wearing them long enough to impress even the OSHA guy.

Our prescription Transition Safety Glasses are available with all of the other features available on our other glasses, from anti-reflective coating (AR coating) to anti-fog coating and choices of lens material. Our photochromic safety glasses are often available with a choice for the lenses to turn brown (Transition Brown) or gray (Transition Gray) when they turn dark.

Photochromic Bifocal Safety Glasses in Black and Yellow Frame with Photochromic Lens, Angled to the Side Left

Whether your safety director catches you without your glasses on every day or you are already diligent with keeping your glasses on, transition safety glasses will be an asset to your work. The light – and the dark – will never be an issue again.

Browse our selection today to take a look at the various frame styles and lens options available, and, when you get a chance, let your safety director know that he or she doesn’t have to worry about your safety any longer. Rx-Safety’s Transition Safety Glasses will assure that your eyes are protected every moment of the day.

If you have any questions, or experiences you’d like to share, feel free to leave us a comment below.

  1. Wanda says:

    I need safety glasses similar to these. I normally wear indoor outdoor safety glasses which are readers but I need the full lenses 1.75 progressive lenses

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