Prescription Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

If you’re an avid fisherman or fisherwoman, you know that a good pair of polarized sunglasses can make a world of difference out on the water.

Prescription Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

If you’re shopping for prescription sunglasses for fishing, the best thing you can do is order polarized gray or brown lenses with blue mirror coating. There are good reasons why, and the main purpose this serves is simple: you can see better into the water.

Fishing is an involved sport, and most people who fish regularly have a habit of settling for nothing but the best. On Rx-Safety you can get a sweet pair of prescription fishing sunglasses that are as good as any angling-specific glasses advertised by other companies, at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking to get fishing specific prescription sunglasses, here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Wraparound frame. A good pair of fishing glasses is going to keep the sun out of your eyes from sunrise to sundown, no matter which direction you’re facing. The best way to accomplish this is with a pair of wraparound frames such as Wiley Xs, Oakleys, or some of our curvier Ray Bans.
  • Plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Glass lenses are not going to fare well if you drop them in the water. They’re usually not available in a wraparound frame to begin with, but even if they are you’re going to find them heavy and cumbersome… plus they sink like a rock. With plastic, at least there’s a chance you’ll catch the glasses before they’re lost to the depths.
  • Polarization. This goes without saying for most people who fish. Polarized lenses block some of the reflected light from the water, enabling you to see into it better… such as when there’s a 6-pound bass hanging out inside a submerged tree. Prescription polarized fishing shades help you drop the lure right onto that hog’s head.
  • Blue mirror coating. This is another way to block some of the reflected light off of water. A blue mirror helps block some of the blue light coming off the water from getting into your eyes, making your vision into the water even better.
  • Bifocals. Let’s face it. If you can’t read without your bifocals, you probably are gonna have a hard time tying that double uniknot without them, too. Most people who get a bifocal for fishing get a lined bifocal and they have us make it lower than average, so it’s out of the way but there when you need it.
  • Cool. Alright, so maybe you don’t need cool-looking shades to catch that 6-pound hog… but you’ll be wishing you had them on if you’re wearing some ridiculous fit-over blue-blockers when you take a picture with it. You know it’s true. Good thing we have some pretty sweet-looking prescription wraparound frames.

Sadly, our glasses won’t tell you what color’s hitting today, where the whales are, or how to tie the rig that’s hitting today. You’re gonna have to learn all that the old-fashioned way.

What our glasses can do is make sure you have the best vision possible when you’re out there hunting for the lunker. There’s nothing better than watching the fish hit, and there’s nothing worse than missing a fish because you couldn’t see the taps on your line. Polarized sunglasses just make fishing better. 

If you need some more information on prescription polarized fishing sunglasses with blue mirror coating, or if you have questions about other glasses for fishing, leave a comment below or contact our customer support team. If you don’t know what you’re doing as far as ordering prescription glasses is concerned, you can contact us as well. Thanks for reading, and see you out on the water!

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