Top 5 Men’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013

The Top 5 Men’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013

The science behind eyewear is constantly advancing and improving, and the styles are getting better and better. If you’re a man shopping for prescription sunglasses this summer, you’re in for a treat. Some of the sunglasses frames and lenses out there today combine fashion and function in really awesome ways.

One of the greatest things about lens technology nowadays is that really big and curvy sunglasses frames can be done in prescriptions. Aviators, wraparounds, and other sports style frames are done regularly in prescription at our facility.

Here are the 5 must-have men’s designer prescription sunglasses this year:

  • Carrera – From aviators to huge awesome 80’s style shades, Carrera has some really great frames for prescription sunglasses.
  • Oakley – If you say you haven’t heard of Oakley, you’re probably lying. Oakley is one of the biggest names in sunglasses and sports eyewear. Prescription sports glasses with the surest grip, greatest comfort, and most advanced frame material technology are what you get when you order prescription Oakley sunglasses.
  • Ray Ban – Ray Ban is known for its classic retro styles, like the “Blues Brothers” style New Wayfarers and the classic Aviator frame.
  • Wiley X – Wiley is known throughout the NASCAR and fishing industries. This brand makes some really tough sports glasses for all occasions. Their supreme durability, sweet “biker style” and sports style wraparounds have earned them a spot here in the top five.
  • Spy Optics – Spy sets itself apart from the other brands with its rectangle wraparound styles with sharp corners, full surround coverage, and great lens colors.

There are a lot of choices out there for prescription sunglasses. If you’re shopping around, it’s a good idea to shop by brand to help narrow your choices and help you know just what you’re getting with each new category you visit.

The coolest thing about ordering designer prescription sunglasses online is the customization. Plenty of people have the Ray Ban New Wayfarer, but how many have it with brown polarized lenses and a blue mirror coating? How many people are wearing Oakley Crosshairs with Transitions brand lenses? Getting designer prescription sunglasses tends to get a lot of people asking where you got your glasses.

If you have questions about ordering prescription sunglasses on our store, give us a call or drop us a comment below. Thanks for reading, and have a great summer!

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