5 Reasons to Shoot For Wiley X Prescription Shooting Glasses

Wiley X is one of the most popular brands of impact safety glasses used by the military and shooters. They’re also available in prescription!

Prescription Shooting Glasses from Wiley X

If you are a shooter, you know that precision optics are absolutely essential to your accuracy, but there is also always danger associated with shooting which warrants the use of safety glasses.

Those who do not require prescription glasses have it easy; there are a multitude of non-prescription styles of shooting glasses to choose from, but most prescription wearers realize that their choices are limited – and awfully pricey – when it comes to prescription shooting glasses.

Luckily, our Wiley X line is available with prescription glasses. They are some of the most rugged, impact-resistant, and durable prescription safety frames on the market, used by shooters as well as our armed forces overseas.

5 Reasons why Wiley X Prescription Shooting Glasses are the best:

  1. Wiley X prescription shooting glasses are available with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, offering you protection from extreme dangers associated with shooting.
  2. Wiley X frames are approved for use by the US armed forces, assuring the integrity and longevity of the frames.
  3. Among ballistic-rated safety eyewear, Wiley X frames are some of the most affordable. On top of that, our in-house prescription lab allows us to offer extremely low prescription lens prices, ensuring that you can get the precision optics and extreme safety you need without spending a fortune.
  4. Shooters prefer clear or yellow lens colors for shooting. Yellow is great for daytime and well-lit conditions because it enhances contrast and visual acuity. Clear lenses are best if you may be shooting at night.
  5. Those who use bifocals will find a conundrum when purchasing shooting glasses. They want to be able to sight without any distractions, but they also may need their near vision occasionally. We find that the best solution to this is to get either no bifocal or a lined bifocal with an extremely low segment height (about 6mm) so that the bifocal is there if you need it and out of the way the rest of the time.

Our Wiley X’s are some of our most popular prescription shooting glasses. Our customers regularly purchase new pairs again after their prescription changes, letting us know that they were happy with the performance of their original shooting glasses.

If you are shopping for prescription shooting glasses, Wiley X’s are an excellent choice. If you would rather have a flat frame with side shields, we have those as well. With very high prescriptions, the optics are better on flat frames than wraparounds, so those who need strong correction will want to browse our flat frames selection for shooting glasses.

If you have questions about how to order Wiley X prescription shooting glasses or which frame is right for you, give us a call or leave your question in the comments below. Our expert staff will make sure to steer you towards what’s best for you. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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