Clear the Fog from Your Prescription Safety Glasses

In order for safety glasses to work, they have to work 100% of the time. There is no margin for error. Eye damage can occur in…well, the blink of an eye, as it were. You have to guard against it at all times and in all conditions.

Prescription Safety Glasses Without Fog

Adjustment to all conditions is a primary reason why Phillips offers so many options in our safety glasses. Consider the problem of lens fogging. A coat of condensation on your glasses is not only annoying but can also be dangerous. If you’re wearing safety glasses, it’s a safe bet you’re doing so because your task involves the risk of eye damage. And chances are you’ll need clear, clean vision at all times while performing that task.

You can’t afford to struggle with lens fog, especially if your hands are busy and not free to wipe down your glasses at regular intervals. In a controlled environment such as a heated/cooled garage or a climate-controlled warehouse, this might only be an issue on the more humid days. But work outdoors, walk in and out of a building, or find yourself in any situation where temperature variation causes fog, and you have a problem.

To combat that problem, we offer Fog Free, a coating that can be permanently applied to many of our prescription safety glasses. It works on a molecular level to separate water molecules – clear water may build up, but not a layer of dangerous, vision-obscuring fog. Just be aware that Fog Free is not compatible with other coatings.

Before a lens is cut, Fog Free is chemically bonded to both sides, and the process includes an anti-scratch coating. Opt for this one-time coating and you’ll never need to use another anti-fog spray, which frequently needs to be reapplied (and may not be at hand when you need it).

Fog Free is available on the following frame brands:

Learn more about Fog Free from our Fog Free page for a list of the tints over which Fog Free can be applied. Order it on your next pair of safety glasses, and never again have to wait for the fog to clear!

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