Shopping for Prescription Safety Glasses online can be simple.

Eye safety at the work site should be a priority for both employers and employees.

Buying Prescription Safety Glasses Online

A review of the statistics is sobering news, indeed. A CDC release from 2000 revealed that every day, more than 2,000 workers in the United States receive some form of medical treatment due to eye injuries suffered at work. Each year more than 800,000 eye injuries occur at the work place.

A sample of 300,000 work-related eye injuries that resulted in visits to a hospital emergency room was closely examined. This sample amounted to 22.2 cases (roughly one quarter) per 10,000 full time employees. 70% of the recorded injuries resulted from “contact with an object or equipment.” 26% was caused by “exposure to harmful substances or environments.” Here is the breakdown on the sources that lead to eye injury:

  • Scrap, waste, or debris (34%)
  • Chemicals or chemical products (14%)
  • Persons, plants, animals, and minerals (9%)
  • Parts and materials (6%)
  • Welding torches (6%)

What makes these statistics so frightening is that the large majority of these injures could have been prevented. Safety glasses are the most cost-effective and readily-available means to avoid such injury, yet many workers fail to put them to use. The reasons are many. One leading excuse is, “I don’t know where to order prescription safety glasses.”

Don’t let this excuse lead to an eye injury. If your work (or your recreational hobbies or tasks) involves the potential for eye damage, now’s the time to stop putting off a purchase and commit to a pair of safety glasses. It’s easier than ever these days with the exponential growth of online shopping and modern methods of protecting your identity and credit card information.

Rx Safety is a great place to start if you’re looking for variety and selection in your safety glasses. Buying prescription safety glasses is as easy as selecting your pair and filling out a form with your pertinent prescription information. If you do not have your physical prescription handy, place a quick call to your optometrist (or the last place you had an eye exam); they’ll pull up your file and provide you with everything you need. It’s that simple. And if you have any questions about products, prescription information, or anything at all, a helpful Rx Safety representative is only a phone call, email, or online chat away.

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