Wiley X Prescription Safety Sunglasses

Wiley X is one of the most established and trusted names in the prescription safety eyewear field. With an emphasis on performance-level technology, Wiley X products exceed impact-resistant safety standards and provide modern, streamlined frames that utilize the latest features, such as ventilation systems and removable facial cavity seals. Many of their designs are available in a multitude of tints or lens options that make them ideal for use as prescription safety sunglasses.

Wiley X frames and systems are designed for active use; biking, climbing, jogging, and shooting are just a few of the sport activities that Wiley X products are formulated to tackle. And because you’ll be using your safety sunglasses under active conditions, you’ll be battling moisture. Condensation, drizzle, sweat, mist, and other body heat- or weather-related moisture issues often lead to layers of vision-restricting fog. That’s why Wiley X has trademarked a top-down ventilation system, available across several model lines, which directs air flow downward and out bottom vents to keep your eyes cool and your lenses dry.

As for the “safety” in “safety glasses,” no one does it better. Wiley X frames are given extensive design and real-world testing to meet the company’s rigorous standards. If you require corrective lenses, couple the style and performance of the Wiley X frame of your choice with the wealth of lens options available through Rx Safety. Utilizing their modern, state-of-the-art, full-range optical lab, Rx Safety can fit your Wiley X safety sunglasses with a wide variety of prescription strengths, tints, and coatings.

Here are four of the Wiley X model lines that you might want to explore for the perfect pair of safety sunglasses:

Climate Control – ideal for high wind and road dust blockage, glasses in the Climate Control series feature a removable facial cavity made of comfortable, form-fitting foam. Frames in this series also exceed high velocity impact safety and optical standards, and are available with Wiley X’s Filter 8 proprietary polarized lens technology, which provides unequaled clarity and contrast by incorporating 99.9% polarization with 100% UV light protection. 

Changeable – the Changeable series boast lenses you can swap in and out to accommodate any lighting condition, any time, day or night. They, too, exceed military specifications for ballistic impact protection and exceed high velocity impact safety and optical standards. 

Street – The Street series takes design and personality to the next level with frames that highlight fashion and styling. Prescription readiness, top tier safety standards, and the availability of Wiley X’s Filter 8 polarization add to the appeal. 

Active – sleek designs comfortably secured by rubberized nose pads and temple gloves characterize the Active series. Light and comfortable, they offer Filter 8 polarization and maximum safety standard protection.

Visit Rx Safety today to secure a pair of performance safety sunglasses with lenses custom-cut to your prescription…and see what sets Wiley X apart from the pack.

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