Sunglasses for the On-the-Go Mom

Being an active Mom does not mean cutting corners in the fashion sense especially in sun glasses.  I am a Mom of a very active 2 year old girl (diva in training).  My daughter’s favorite fashion accessory is her sunglasses…just like Mommy.  I own many different sun glasses for different reasons; the diaper bag pair that you can just throw in your bag and pray that when you pull them out next time they are in one piece, the one for the car that sits in the cup holder for when you can’t reach the diaper bag while driving, and the pair that I have in my purse that I keep in a cloth bag and in a case for when I go out with my friends.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “why can’t you just have one and carry it with you all the time?”.  Well, if you are a parent you will understand that with children you carry many bags and your hands are never free and you tend to forget simple things, like in my case, sunglasses.

So what are my glasses of choice…my Oakley Break Point Sunglasses in a dark plum frame with black grey gradient lenses.  My biggest pet peeve with glasses is when I wear my glasses outside and then go inside and push them on top of my head and the nose pads get tangled in my hair.  My Oakley Break Point Sunglasses have no slip nose pieces that make it easy to put on top of my head without ripping out my hair when I’m running inside.

I also love the fact that they are a big frame, so when I do not have time to put eye makeup on, I feel that these frames cover my eyes.  The Oakley Break Point Sunglasses are not only stylish because of the dark plum color frame, but they are also durable due to the impact resistance standards and stress resistance frame which to me is worth the money because being an on-the-go-Mom I need stylish and durable sunglasses. I also love the fact that the frames are a dark plum because purple is one of the “in” summer colors of 2014.

Remember, being an active on-the-go-Mom doesn’t mean cutting fashion corners, it just means finding a style that fits your everyday needs, so invest in the Oakley Break Point Sunglasses for a trendy and comfortable pair of sunglasses.

Stay fabulous!

Jessica xo

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