Nike Prescription Glasses for Hobbies and Athletic Pursuits

Athletic eyewear goes beyond just browsing your local grocery store and pharmacy store selections. Nike offers a great selection of prescription eyewear for hobbies or athletic endeavours ranging from jogging to walking, hiking, or biking. Look for eyewear with comfortable features for your outdoor or indoor adventures. It’s a luxury to have eyewear that fits well, whether rock climbing, on the trail, or enjoying outdoor events with family.

Browse these options of Nike prescription glasses on our site for an on-trend look:

Nike 8173 Eyeglasses

These durable glasses feature arms with contrasting colors and the Nike logo on the side. Featuring acetate and plastic construction, these eyeglasses provide a lightweight feel. Choose from frame color options such as black, gunmetal, brushed gunmetal, and satin walnut . Consider these eyeglasses for playing tennis at the gym, to your workout classes, or on the treadmill.

Nike Terminus Sunglasses


Take a glance at these thick, bold sunglasses have wide arms that provide ample stability on the temples. It’s possible to change out lenses with these frames so that you can enjoy the perfect amount of shielding from the sun. You will also be able to coordinate lenses with your outfit or activity. You may want to wear versatile sunglasses for hiking, playing outdoor sports, or lounging in the sun.

Nike Skylon Ace

Enjoy the colorful style of these bright sunglasses, and choose from hues such as lenses with an orange and yellow fiery tint. Other options include cool blue lenses or lenses with a teal gradient. These versatile sunglasses make quite a fashion statement while also providing lots of protection from the sun. Wear them to the beach and to your sports activities on the weekend. You will also want to take them with you to concert or while enjoying an outdoor BBQ. You’ll find many scenarios for wearing these modern sunglasses.

Our site features a wide range of Nike eyewear for work, school, and sports. If you would like more information about ordering eyewear through Rx-Safety online, contact us.

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