Nike Prescription Glasses for Hobbies and Athletic Pursuits


As fashion, safety standards, and trends change, so do the styles and trends available on the market. Therefore, here at the RX-Safety, our mission is to keep the latest styles of prescription safety glasses and eyewear available to you. We work to stock glasses that are released by popular, trustworthy brands. In fact, is a licensed official distributor of Nike glasses. Therefore, we have a vast, curated collection of Nike frames in the most popular and newest styles. We have Nike frames for men, women, and children of all ages. Additionally, the RX-Safety team carefully reviews each frame to make sure they are up to industry standards before adding them to the safety glasses collection.

Also, we are proud to offer Nike because they are excellent glasses for those that work in all segments.  Nike prescription glasses are great for those that work in athletic, industrial, military, or any other segments. In fact, RX-Safety is proud to be able to offer these Nike frames and glasses with the added bonus of the RX-Safety customization process. We offer our customers a wide range of prescription lenses, colors, and coatings to choose from. This allows our customers to take the new Nike frames and customize them into the perfect pair of prescription safety glasses or sunglasses for their needs.  

In fact, this process creates the exact pair of frames each customer needs for their specific environment or job. You end up with glasses that are perfect for all-day use with the high quality that comes with a Nike product.  We believe that athletic eyewear goes beyond just browsing your local grocery store and pharmacy store selections. Therefore, Nike offers a great selection of prescription eyewear for hobbies or athletic endeavors ranging from jogging to walking, hiking, or biking. Look for eyewear with comfortable features for your outdoor or indoor adventures. Nike provides this great versatility! 

It’s a luxury to have eyewear that fits well, whether rock climbing, on the trail, or enjoying outdoor events with family. Browse these options of Nike prescription glasses on our site for an on-trend look. 

Nike 7400 Glasses

If you’re looking for a unique shape, the Nike 7400 frames are the ones for you. Thankfully, these cool geometric glasses are some of the most lightweight and comfortable frames that Nike has come out with. Perfect for all-day use, these Nike frames are made out of high-quality plastic. Also, they are available in Matte Black, Dark Gray, Brown Basalt, and Soft Tortoise. In addition, decked out in the iconic Nike Swoosh, these glasses make a muted statement with their unique shape and protective material. 

Nike 7037 Glasses

These Nike frames have the widest lens coverage of the group! Their squared, hipster look is extremely popular in work segments. This is due to their ability to look fashionable yet be extremely protective. The Nike 7037 is a comfortable, lightweight frame, made for all-day use. In fact, they stay comfortable and rest lightly on your face throughout the day. Additionally, they are also shaped to not slip down your nose while you work. These classic square style frames are available in matte black with gray, purple with white, and translucent red. Also, the full-rim frame is also made from high quality TR-90 Nylon. 

Nike 7090 Glasses

The Nike 7090 prescription glasses are a comfortable, lightweight frame for all day use. These official Nike glasses are made of high-quality, lightweight plastic. The Nike 7090 is a rectangular frame that comes with grilamid TR-90, injected, and it is full-rim. These versatile glasses make quite a fashion statement while also providing lots of protection. 

RX-Safety’s Nike glasses collection features a wide range of Nike Eyewear for work, school, and sports. If you would like more information about ordering eyewear through Rx-Safety online, contact us.


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