Nike Prescription Sunglasses For The Athletes


If you’re an athlete of have an active lifestyle, you know that performance is key. And when the stakes are high, you’ll want to ensure you’ve got pristine vision to carry tasks to the best of your ability.

We know that finding quality eyewear can be tough at times–but it doesn’t have to. In fact, with Nike Vision, you get a tailored visual experience that provides confidence for your next sporting activity.

The Nike brand itself is one that resonates with many individuals. Not only do they provide unmatched quality, but they are appealing because you can always count on Nike to look your best. Nike provides a variety of products that enhance performance–this includes Nike prescription sunglasses.

So journey with us. We’ll take a quick glimpse into Nike sunglasses with prescription, as well as core elements that make them perfect for athletes. We’ll also discuss the benefits of purchasing Nike at RX Safety.

Let’s get started.

Nike Sunglasses

Nike sunglasses are designed for athletes of various sports, especially golf, running, cycling, and more. The sunglasses usually have an aerodynamic style, which makes it especially great for the athletes who not only want to look their best but perform at the greatest level of capability while doing so.

With various shapes, materials, colors, and sizes, you have a variety of options for your style and needs, perfect for any sporting event or occasion. Simply put, Nike is a brand for the ages, and you definitely won’t want to miss out on eyewear–here’s why. 


When it comes to eyewear, Nike features designs with distingued lens advancements, which provide consistent optics time and time again.

The lenses usually have curves that offer superior protection for the eyes. This is great because it gives a great amount of protection against any debris and sweat during strenuous activities. You’ll also be able to avoid reflections or sun glares that can affect your ability to compete when wearing the Nike prescription sunglasses.

The Comfortable Fit

Nike sunglasses also provide a comfortable and secure fit, making them extremely reliable for competitions and longer wear. 

When you wear these sunglasses, you will not have to worry about constantly adjusting the sunglasses–which can be a critical distraction. With adjustable pads, you can ensure that the sunglasses stay in place, allowing you to put your foucs on the areas that need them the most. Through training, playing, sweating, or running event, a pair of Nike prescription sunglasses will stay in their proper position.

Lightweight frames

With intentional creativity, Nike Vision designs also feature a lightweight component, allowing you to feel at ease with the frames you wear. 

As an athlete, it is critical that your performance isn’t hindered by weightiness. With Nike sunglasses, you move as one with your glasses and your glasses become more than an accessory–they become a part of you. That said, when you choose a pair of prescription sunglasses from Nike, the comfortable and light weight ability can make you forget that they are even on your face, designed to give you the ultimate wear.

Getting Your Nike Sunglasses With Us

RX Safety not only distributes Nike, but has a host of options to contribute to your Nike experience. So not only will you be able to have great vision, you can have the confidence that your glasses work for you with additional coverage.

So feel free to check out our various materials, colors, and lens colors and coatings. And because we’re an official distributor, we offer great prices for the latest Nike sunglasses.

If you have an any additional questions, contact us. Our customers service representatives can be reached online and by phone, and are ready to help you enter into a next-level visual experience with Nike Vision.


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