Ray-Ban Continues to Release New Frames and Lenses New Eyeglass style Releases in the Below Brands

Designer frames can come and go, but Ray-Bans always steal the show.

The latest styles from Ray-Ban demonstrate why they’ve been the standard for sunglasses for decades, maintaining the highest quality and style year after year, while other brands can’t come close. While the word iconic seems a little cliche, these new choices are contemporary twists on truly iconic sunglasses. One of the reasons Ray-Bans are the quintessential sunnies is that the don’t bow to trends–their original Aviators are still being manufactured and are still the most recognizable sunglasses in the world.

For 2016, the Clubmaster is available with a real wood frame–forget the acetate wood-grain look of past models, now you can get the classic Peter Fonda in Easy Rider frame in walnut, cherry, or maple–a shade that flatters any skin tone. The wood frame is faced with colored rubber on the inside for maximum comfort. Striking color combos make these shades worth the investment–Maple with Brown Classic G15 lenses, cherry and Blue/Gray Classic, or Walnut and Classic Green G15. The wood Clubmaster comes in a range of sizes, so don’t worry if you’ve got a small head–Ray-Ban can fit you.

If Tom Cruise in Risky Business is more your thing, take a look at the New Wayfarers–the denim frames have expanded colors for 2016. If you can’t decide if you like a dark or light wash for your jeans, Ray-Ban’s got that covered. The “dark-wash” model is almost black and sports a defined denim weave pattern; paired with mirrored lenses they’re definitely cool enough to play air guitar in your underwear. There’s also a brand-new brown and gray color combo, and a blue/brown frame with “Copper Flash” mirrored lenses for when you really want to be noticed. The pastel colored, faded-wash look  Wayfarer denims are still available if you’re thinking of matching your sunnies to your Easter frock. The folding Wayfarers with the classic black frames have new lens choices–lilac, cyclamen (pink), and red.

The professorial Round Fleck model Ray-Bans have a new black and silver frame with the Polarized Green Classic G15 lens for maximum cool and maximum protection from the sun. The Round frame styles still come in tortoise and gold rims with all the Ray-Ban lens options, so you can create your own frame-lens combo that matches your personal style.

And just for Valentine’s Day, Ray-Ban has introduced the Chromance lens in the hipster-inspired squared-design metal frames. Chromance, according to Ray-Ban, calibrates the light to make the color spectrum brighter and clearer. It maximizes contrasts to enhance details during vision. It eliminates reflections and glare thanks to the polarizing filter, ensuring perfectly clear vision.

In layman’s terms, these lenses provide true color and clarity of vision when you’re wearing them, and have the benefit of a wicked mirrored color coating–silver, grey, and even purple. And, because they’re Ray-Bans, protect your eyes from the spectrum of damaging rays.

Ray-Ban’s success with sunglasses is a result of their adherence to cutting-edge lens technology–the company started as a division of the medical supply company Bausch and Lomb in the 1929. They were commissioned to develop sunglasses for military aviators that would cut down on glare and nausea for pilots as the planes could fly higher and faster. They introduced the green lens “Anti-Glare” in a plastic frame to counteract the effects of the blinding white and blues of the sky at altitude in 1936. In 1937 they switched to the gold metal frame and rechristened the pilot’s sunglasses the “Aviator“–and wisely took out the patent on the name and design.

The early Ray-Ban’s frames were 14t gold, not a metal alloy. But even today, when you buy Ray-Bans, you can be confident they remain the gold standard for serious sunglasses. If you want to see more of the new Ray-Ban styles or revisit your favorite classics, contact us for the best selection of these historic sunglasses.

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