Choosing the Perfect Eyeglass Frames for the Shape of Your Face

Now that you have your prescription and are ready to pick out frames, you can literally spend hours trying on different pairs and still not find the perfect ones for your facial shape. If you are unsure on what will look best, here is useful information on choosing the perfect frames for the shape of your face.

A Variety of Facial Shapes

While everyone looks unique in their own way, there are a variety of facial shapes that everyone has. These shapes can be enhanced or used to find frames that draw attention to the assets and not the areas you want to hide.

  • Square. This facial shape usually has a strong jaw line that is horizontal and a broad forehead. People with square facial shapes typically have a face that is the same proportion in length and width.
  • Heart-Shaped. A heart-shaped face has angled and high cheekbones with a broad forehead that leads to a smaller chin – much like the shape of a heart.
  • Oval. An oval facial shape is one of the more versatile shapes and is indicative of high and angled cheekbones with a jaw line that is not only lightly curved but also more narrow than the forehead.
  • Round. This one is pretty simple to spot and usually has full, round cheeks with an equally round chin and wide forehead.
  • Diamond. This is a facial shape with angular jaw lines, a narrow forehead, and wider cheekbones.

Now that you know all about the shapes, here are a few tips on what kind of frames compliment the shapes.

Square Faces

With a square facial shape, you want to add contrast to the facial features yet divert away from focusing on them. The best type of frames for this shape are round and oval with bold or dark-colored frames. You might want to stay away from frames light in color and those with geometric or square shapes.


It’s all about balance with this shape of face so choose frames that are light in color and thin and round or oval shapes work best. Stay away from designs that are top-heavy or decorative and those that are dark in color. You want more attention on the lower part of the face, not the upper.

Oval Faces

Like square facial features, oval faces also do well with frames that provide contrast. Any shape works well such as round or square and even light or dark frames. The only thing to stay away from is oversized shapes and frames. If the frames are too large for the facial features, choose something smaller.


For a round face, you do not want to choose round frames. Instead, choose a contrasting angular or square frame shape and don’t go with frames that are too small or too short.

Diamond Shaped

With this facial shape, you do not want the attention on the eye-line since it is narrow. Instead, choose frames with a strong line at the brow level and rimless or oval glasses work well too. You want to enhance your features as well as have a balanced look. Stay away from thin or narrow frames if possible.

No matter what type of face you have, the choice is ultimately yours. However, these tips provide a starting point for finding the right frames that compliment your facial features and enhancing the areas you want to focus on without drawing attention to those you don’t.

If you would like to learn more about finding the perfect frames that compliment your personal style and the look you want, contact us or browse our many styles of frames.

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