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Since Nike strongly associates itself with sports and athletics, regular people may wonder why they should get Nike prescription glasses instead of a more traditional type. The answer is simple: Sunglasses, like any other prominent thing that people wear, are fashion statements. They can also be statements about a person’s lifestyle and values. Therefore, many people who aren’t active participants in sports choose the Nike brand. Here are some reasons for you to choose them:

The Fashion

Nike 5045 004 Matte Black Volt Frame Matte Black Volt Lens Angled Side Left

Nike glasses have a very distinctive look that’s based on the needs and preferences of athletes. The frames tend to be thick since that is required for preventing breakage during heavy physical activity. They also have bold colors that allow them to avoid the “safety glasses” look that generic athletic glasses sometimes have. As with all other Nike branded merchandise, the glasses bear either the name or the swoosh and do so in a prominent way.

The Lifestyle Look

Nike 7246 900 Clear Frame Clear Lens Angled Side Left

While this brand’s marketing is always done as if the company is speaking to athletes and exercise buffs, the majority of people buy Nike things because the athletic look is cool. It started with the shoes, which are worn by people ranging from professional athletes all the way to people whose only sports participation involves a video game controller. Next came other clothing like shirts and shorts, which have approximately the same distribution in buyers’ actual habits. For non-athletes, adding Nike prescription eyewear to an outfit completes the branded look.


For the actual athlete, it’s important for gear to be functional as well as stylish. Nike does not disappoint in this regard. Just like the shoes, the glasses are durable and perfectly suitable for the sports they are designed for. The eyeglasses have designs that work great with activities like running, golfing, and working out. Since many physical activities take place outside during the brightest part of the day, the company has focused on promoting their eyewear as sunglasses. The right lens tints eliminate glare and protect your retinas from sun damage.

Is it Possible to Get Nike Glasses Without a Tint?

If you want to wear your Nike eyewear as your regular glasses, you’ll be happy to know that the answer is yes – you can get these frames with tint-free lenses. Just specify that you want clear lenses when you order, and you’re all set.

Do You Need to Get These Glasses From an Optometrist?

No – they can easily be ordered online! You will need a doctor’s prescription so the company knows exactly how to make the lenses, but that’s it. All you need to do to order is fill in the form with the information from your recent prescription. The form also allows you to select a wide range of other options, such as tint color (if any), special coatings, lens type and material, and more.

What if You Want Nike Sunglasses Without a Prescription?

Many people wear Nike sunglasses without prescriptions. To get yours this way, simply select the option for no prescription when you fill out the specifications form on our site. They’ll be made with just as much care as the prescription version.

As you can see, there are many reasons to choose Nike eyewear whether or not you’re an athlete. You’ll look great, your glasses will hold up to rigorous use, and you’ll be able to complete your Nike look. To get your shades or regular glasses, just visit our site. We have plenty of Nike styles in stock, and we’ll get you set up with the perfect pair in no time. If you have questions, feel free to contact us – we’re glad to help.

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