5 Reasons Dancers Should Choose Nike Prescription Glasses

As a dancer, choosing the best glasses to wear while leaping gracefully across the dance floor is not exactly an easy task. Many glasses frames aren’t designed to be used during such intense physical activity, leading to potential problems with broken lenses and frames.

For this reason, a large number of dancers choose to wear contacts in place of glasses while they practice their moves. Unfortunately, this is not possible for everyone, and many people who are passionate about dancing are left trying to find a pair of glasses that can stand up to their twists, turns, and jumps.

If you find yourself in this position, and just can’t seem to find the perfect pair of glasses to wear during your practices and performances, it might be time to look into purchasing a pair of Nike prescription glasses. Although Nike isn’t really known for their glasses, they probably should be. Nike has managed to make some pretty incredible frames for active wearers, and athletes everywhere are singing their praises.

Here are five reasons dancers should choose Nike glasses:

#1: Lightweight Design

Nobody wants to feel weighed down while trying to execute their very best grand jeté. Nike glasses are some of the most lightweight frames on the market. This means they won’t hold you back from your high leaps and jumps, and will leave you feeling as free as if you weren’t wearing glasses at all.

#2: Durable Frames

Traditional frames are not made to stand up to the abuse many dancers and athletes dish out. Because dancers lead very active lifestyles, they need glasses that can keep up. Fortunately, Nike has made their frames durable without taking away from their stylish designs, making them ideal for active users.

#3: Break-Resistant Flexon Available

For those dancers who are especially concerned with broken frames, Nike has released the incredible Flexon frames. Flexon is a material that bends easily and is virtually break-proof. This means dropped glasses and accidental hits to the face are less of a concern so you can focus more on learning your choreography and less on keeping your glasses safe.

#4: Slip-Resistant Ear Pieces

We’ve all experienced the sensation of glasses slipping down as we jump, turn, and build up a sweat. While it’s impossible to control the sweating that comes along with an intense dance lesson, it is possible to control the slipping glasses.

Many of Nike’s frames come with slip-resistant ear pieces for just this purpose, and boy are they amazing. Having the ability to move freely without the fear of your glasses slipping off your face is absolutely amazing.

#5: Stylish Stage Presence

While comfort and practicality are both important things when it comes to picking out glasses, it is also important to consider how you look when wearing them. This is especially true when you are a performer and will be wearing your new accessory on stage. This is why Nike has taken it upon themselves to ensure each and every set of frames they put out is stylish. So now, you can have comfort and look great every time you step into the spotlight.

If Nike glasses seem like a good solution to your dancer’s glasses woes, why not give them a try? Here at Rx-Safety we carry a large variety of Nike frames to suit everyone’s tastes. We also offer every customer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can make sure you love your new glasses before committing to keeping them.

Please contact us today to learn more about our company and ordering process. We would be thrilled to help you find the perfect glasses to suit your needs!

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