5 Casual Styles of Nike Prescription Sunglasses to Consider

Discover-5-Casual-Styles-of-Nike- Prescription-Sunglasses-Worth- Considering

At RX-Safety, we work with high end brands as an official distributor. One of these brands that we love and our customers trust is Nike. Nike provides an excellent line of prescription safety sunglasses for men, women and children in all segments and environments. Whether its school, medical segments, or industrial segments, Nike provides full coverage and protection for our customers.  Many Nike eyeglass designs have several critical features and benefits, these features and benefits give that special level of quality.

Additionally, we are aware that people generally associate the Nike brand with sportswear. This is for good reason as they have made an iconic name for themself in the segment. However, Nike also has a good selection of casual eyewear. In fact, with the Nike prescription eyewear line, there’s some stylish glasses and sunglasses to choose from that are comfortable, durable, and protective.

Also, Nike glasses and sunglasses contain a lightweight injected frame design. This design allows all Nike eyeglass wearers to wear their glasses with maximum comfort and durability. Nike eyeglasses have dual-injected temples, which provides even more comfort for wearers. Finally, they contain channels on the inside of the temples which can enhance airflow. This is especially useful if you are active when wearing your glasses. Whether or not you are playing a sport, you can take advantage of all of these features by purchasing Nike prescription glasses. With these great features, RX-Safety is always looking to supply our customers with the newest Nike frames for maximum eye protection.

Therefore, in an effort to highlight this, let’s examine 5 casual styles of Nike prescription sunglasses to consider.

Nike Dawn Ascent

Are you looking for a cool, stylish pair of Nike Sunglasses that come in fun colors? Look no further than the Nike Dawn Ascent. The Nike Dawn Ascent Prescription Sunglasses are a comfortable, lightweight frame with advanced optics, that provides precise vision from all angles. These sunglasses also feature an 8-base frame with high tension hinges. Additionally, Nike Dawn Ascent combines this to offer maximum coverage and durability. Also, the Nike Dawn Ascent are prescription available, and are great as driving sunglasses. 

Nike Chaser Ascent

If you are looking for a subtle, refined pair of glasses in muted colors, we recommend the Nike Chaser Ascent. The Nike Chaser Ascent Prescription Sunglasses merges comfort and style. It is made with minimal materials and a thoughtful design. This pair of sunglasses features a lightweight frame that is available in four different colors. In addition, the Nike Chaser Ascent is prescription available! 

Nike Pivot Six

We like to think of the Nike Pivot Six glasses as a great, casual pair for a day out in the sun. The Nike Pivot Six Prescription Sunglasses are an ultra-comfortable 6-base frame with advanced optics. These sunglasses provide precise vision from all angles. They are also available in seven different colors. Additionally, these sunglasses feature soft rubber nose pads and temple tips with air pockets for long-wearing comfort. In addition, the Nike Pivot Six are prescription available, and are great as hiking, boating and sailing sunglasses.  

Nike Adrenaline

These casual Nike glasses are some of the most statement making, stylish Nike’s that we carry. The Nike Adrenaline Prescription Sunglasses are a comfortable, lightweight frame with advanced optics, that provides precise vision from all angles. These sunglasses also feature an 8-base frame with high tension hinges, which combined offers maximum coverage and durability.  In addition, the Nike Adrenaline are prescription available, and are great as cycling and mountain biking sunglasses.  

Nike Brazen Fury

The Nike Brazen Fury Sunglasses are fashion forward with two toned lenses and a modem look. The Nike Brazen Fury Prescription Sunglasses are a comfortable lightweight frame. Available in five different colors, these sunglasses feature a 6-base curved lens, which offers medium coverage with moderate peripheral light blockage. In addition, the Nike Brazen Fury are prescription-friendly, and are great as running and mountain biking sunglasses.  


Indeed, the above glasses are casual, modern options, they are also durable and tough enough to be used for sports. They are made of a durable, lightweight material, making them ideal for most harsh conditions. At RX-Safety, we believe that all of these would work great for a day on the town, fishing, or at the beach relaxing. When it comes down to it, Nike just can’t help making products that are multi-faceted in their usefulness. Therefore, the selection offered within Nike Vision’s prescription sunglasses line has something for everyone and every occasion. 

Rx-Safety.com offers these amazing Nike sunglasses at low prices because we’re a full-service optical lab and an online store, which cuts out the middleman. If you’re interested in these models, any other Nike Vision models, or want us to put lenses in the frames you send in – please contact us today and we’d love to help.


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