How Nike Prescription Glasses Increase Productivity and Eye Health

The main function of glasses is correcting vision. Without good vision, it’s impossible to perform most jobs productively. However, thanks to the eyewear technology available today, there are additional ways that eyewear can enhance your productivity.

In addition, you should be concerned about protecting your eyes from occupational hazards. We’re not talking about safety glasses, simply how certain lens options can reduce work related eye problems. Many of these enhancements depend on the options you choose when purchasing Nike prescription glasses. Here is how you can do this in two broad areas of employment:

Office Workers

An important productivity and eye health problem that affects many white-collar workers is computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS is a condition caused by staring at digital screens for hours at a time. This fatigues parts of the eye associated with focus, as well as various muscles surrounding the eye. When you continually stare at digital screens, the eye’s components are either fixed or performing the same repeated movements. Symptoms include dry eyes, eyestrain, blurred vision, double vision, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

In addition to fixated or repeated eye movement, the problem is also caused by glare from the room and the digital screen. Unlike reading printed text on paper, digital screens flicker, have harsh contrasts, and emit blue light that makes the eye work harder when focusing. It’s clear that the symptoms of CVS diminish your productivity.

Coping with CVS starts with varying your routine by looking away from your screen (and off into the distance) every 20 minutes for a minute of eye rest. You should also eliminate as many contributing factors to the problem as possible, such as glare and blue light emissions. The right choices in eyewear options will greatly reduce these factors. Here are two important choices:

  • Anti-reflective coating. This prevents room backlighting glare from reflecting off your lens inner surface and into your eyes.
  • Blue blocker coating. As the name suggests, this coating blocks blue light emissions from your screen.

Both coating options are available with Nike prescription glasses.

Truck Driving

Driving is hard on the eyes in two important ways: one of these is daylight glare produced by intense ambient sunlight, reflected sunlight off surfaces, and glare from a rising or setting sun. The other is glare that comes from the harsh lighting contrasts of night driving. Although most of us suffer from this, truck drivers average between 2,000 and 3,000 miles per week. While office workers suffer from excessive computer screen glare, truck drivers suffer from similar doses of road glare.

Day and nighttime glare have a fatiguing effect on truck drivers, which diminishes their alertness and may cause drowsiness, which in turn reduces their weekly mileage. In addition to this, they get significant UV exposure from their side windows, which block less UV light than their windshields.

For daytime driving, Nike prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses and a gray or brown tint will eliminate the glare and reduce the overall sunlight intensity. Alternatively, the Drivewear lens option combines a polarized lens with a tint that responds to lighting levels by adjusting its darkness and color. It accommodates all daytime conditions such as dense fog, overcast skies, and intense midday sun. It works both inside and outside of your truck.

For nighttime driving, avoid using sunglasses of any kind. Instead, use clear lenses with an anti-reflective coating to eliminate halo effects and glare reflecting into your eyes from your glasses’ inside lens surfaces.

The above recommendations for truck drivers also apply to others who make a living from driving. This includes people who drive buses, taxis, limousines, passenger vans as well as people in the delivery services such as postal workers.

If you suffer from eye fatigue or eyestrain but don’t work in the above two categories, don’t hesitate to contact us for help in deciding which eyewear lens options work best for you.

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