Prevent Red Eyes with Nike Prescription Glasses

There are many causes of red eyes. For example, people often rub their itchy eyes until they’re red because of spring hay fever. Red eye may also indicate an infection, which is commonly caused by rubbing the eyes. Clearly, using your hands to “scratch” an itchy eye makes the problem worse and may introduce an infection. Some of the other causes of red eye are preventable by choosing the right pair of prescription glasses. Here are three of them:

Dry Eyes

Some people naturally tend to have dry eyes while others engage in activities that cause the problem. Lack of sufficient moisture can cause the blood vessels near the eye’s surface to enlarge and become bloodshot.

You can get indoor relief by using a humidifier during the winter and in dry climates. Short of wearing goggles, close-fitting wraparound Nike prescription glasses provide excellent protection from moderate outdoor wind. You should never take dry eyes lightly because the problem can progress to dry eye syndrome. This condition causes itching, a feeling of grittiness, burning, and blurred vision. In extreme cases, the eye’s outer surface may become damaged, infected, or may impair vision.

Dust and Airborne Pathogens

When the soil is dry, a windy day can expose unprotected eyes to dust, soil, and grit. These irritants will make the eyes red, and in extreme cases, may cause dry eye syndrome. Another problem is air-borne pathogens. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi may live in air-borne soil.

Nike 7400 034 Dark Gray Frame Dark Gray Lens Angled Side Left
Nike 7400 034 Dark Gray Frame Dark Gray Lens Angled Side Left


Exposure to these as well as allergens can cause pink eye (conjunctivitis). Pink eye can either be an inflammation reaction to a foreign substance or a pathogen induced infection. Again, wraparound style Nike prescription glasses reduce eye exposure to all types of wind-driven particles.

Pathogens can also reach the eye when it’s touched or rubbed with the hands or fingers. Glasses help to prevent unconscious eye rubbing simply because they get in the way. Placing fingers underneath the glasses usually requires a conscious effort.

Surfer’s Eye

Surfer’s eye (pterygium), is a benign pinkish growth on the outer surface of the eye. It starts at either side of the eye (though usually on the nasal side) and grows out towards the cornea. It’s normally harmless if it doesn’t cause too much discomfort and stays off the cornea. If it reaches the cornea, it can change the shape of the transparent part of the eye. This will distort and blur vision. If it gets too thick, the growth will feel like a foreign object stuck in the eye. It can also itch, burn, become inflamed, and turn red.

While surfers may get this condition, it can happen to anyone who spends hours outside in the sun and wind. It’s believed that UV exposure is the primary cause, while wind, dust, and dry air can contribute to the problem. Dry eye syndrome is also implicated with this condition. Even when it causes no problems, many people consider surfer’s eye unsightly and even frightening in appearance, and will seek treatment.

The best way to prevent surfer’s eye is blocking UV, wind, and dust. Nike prescription glasses with either polycarbonate or Trivex lenses will block all UV. If you prefer ordinary CR-39 lenses, then you can add a UV blocking protective coating.

A wraparound styled frame does an excellent job of blocking UV from all directions and provides good dust and wind protection as mentioned previously. Note that a wide brim hat by itself doesn’t provide sufficient UV protection especially when around light reflecting surfaces such as water, sand, or snow. Your eyes will even get UV exposure while driving because the side windows of many vehicles don’t block UVA.

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