The 6 Most Common Uses of Prescription Safety Glasses

Whether you are a professional welder, avid swimmer, or motorcyclist, you already know that you need protective eye wear to do your work or enjoy your recreational activities with complete peace of mind. Without safety eye wear, not only will it leave your eyes more at risk for harm, it is dangerous for your overall physical well-being because once your vision is compromised in a hazardous environment, there is a higher possibility of other serious injuries. And if you generally wear traditional prescription glasses on a daily basis, you will want to invest in a pair of safety glasses that come with a prescription. If you are still trying to decide whether or not you need a high quality pair of prescription safety glasses, take a look at the top six most common uses for them.

  1. Motorcycle Riding: One of the most common uses of prescription safety glasses is for motorcycle riding. Although it is an exhilarating sport, motorcycle riding is a dangerous activity and in order to enjoy a safer ride, it is necessary to be armed with the proper riding gear. That includes safety glasses for both prescription glasses wearers and non-prescription glasses wearers alike. When a rider wears an open-face helmet, it is absolutely vital that they wear safety glasses to shield their eyes from harsh winds, debris, and other flying objects that are on the road. And it goes without saying that anyone who wears conventional prescription glasses on a daily basis also needs prescription lenses when they are driving. This will ensure that they have a safer ride on the road and that other drivers on the road will also be safer. Prescription safety glasses are commonly used for a bevy of reasons including clearer, optimized visibility, protection from harsh sunlight, and protection from dirt, insects, and other debris. Because there is such a variety of prescription safety glasses to choose from, motorcycle riders can find a unique pair that includes benefits such as tinted lenses, anti-fog coating, shatterproof protection, scratch-resistant coating, and other attractive features.
  2. Water Sports: When people hear the words “prescription safety glasses” they generally think of a workers protecting their eyes while welding, performing tactical tree work, or running x-rays in the lab. In most cases, the first thing they think of isn’t a dip in the pool or a scuba diving excursion. But just like performing dangerous manual labor or riding a motorcycle, many people need prescription safety glasses for their water activities. For children or adults who compete on a swim team or spend lots of time swimming at the local pool for aerobic exercise, it’s highly advantageous to have a pair of swim goggles that will allow them to see while they are underwater. And for anyone who wears prescription glasses, they will want swim goggles that come with corrective lenses to fit their prescription and allow them to see without any blurriness. For anyone who spends a lot of time snorkeling or participating in scuba diving activities, the experience wouldn’t be complete without eye wear that allows them to see everything underwater with perfect clarity. Just because you may wear prescription glasses instead of contacts doesn’t mean you have to endure compromised vision when you are underwater. You can invest in a dive mask that comes with the exact prescription you need in order to see with complete clarity.
  3. Working in an Environment Where Lasers Are Present: Lots of professionals work in environments where laser beams are present, whether it is for industrial work, medical work, or some other purpose. In these situations, the professionals who are working around laser beams are required to wear several different kinds of protective gear including gloves, head protection, and, of course, safety eye wear. Without it, the laser could potentially cause irreversible harm to the health of a person’s eyes as well as their vision. Fortunately, there is no lack of laser safety eye wear available and there are plenty of laser safety glasses to choose from. It isn’t difficult to find a pair of laser safety glasses that prioritize functionality, practicality, security, safety, comfort, and style. And if you usually wear corrective lenses, you can easily find many brands that offer custom-designed lenses that will include your exact prescription.
  4. Performing Metal Work: When you routinely do metal work (or welding, to be more exact), there are several parts of your body you will want to protect. Because this work involves torching and brazing, it is necessary to protect as much of yourself as possible, including your eyes. Fortunately, there are countless safety eye wear options to choose from for both the prescription glasses wearer and non-prescription glasses wearer alike. There are also many designs that cater to people with different preferences. So if you prefer safety goggles to glasses, there are many goggle styles to choose from. And if you want to stick to safety glasses, there is also no lack of options available to you. For anyone who doesn’t want to invest in a pair of metal working safety glasses that can be constructed with corrective lenses, you can instead purchase safety eye wear that can be worn over your traditional prescription glasses.
  5. Working in Environments Where Radiation is Present: In areas where there is any amount of radiation exposure, it is vital that you are protected to the fullest extent. Many people who work in the medical realm, such as an examination room, need to be armed with protective gear to protect vital parts of their body; this, of course, includes their eyes. Without having the proper safety eye wear on while working in radiation areas, you are immediately putting yourself at risk for short-term and long-term eye health problems. Don’t risk compromising your vision, permanently damaging your eyesight, or being exposed to other serious health issues and instead look into the many safety eye wear options designed specifically to protect eyes from harmful radiation. You won’t have trouble finding a wide array of safety glasses that can be worn over traditional prescription glasses, safety glasses that have the prescription custom-built right into the lenses, or non-prescription glasses.
  6. Target Shooting: Whether you are an active member of the military or someone who enjoys the hobby of going to the shooting range and doing some target practice, it is absolutely necessary to have safety eye wear to protect your eyes from anything that might ricochet back after firing a round. Safety glasses for target shooting will also protect your eyes from twigs, branches, dirt, and other debris you might be exposed to if you are hunting in the woods or doing some other form of tactical shooting. Not to mention, wearing prescription safety glasses can also improve your visibility and clarity when you are working on your target shooting.

Looking for information on the many uses of prescription safety glasses? Or do you need assistance finding the right prescription safety glasses or goggles for your professional work or personal activities? Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions or comments you may have! Our team is dedicated to helping every individual find the right safety eye wear they need for whatever purpose, whether they need a prescription lens or not.

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