Create the Right Image with Your Nike Prescription Glasses

Often, people keep wearing the same frames for their prescription glasses for years on end. But you don’t have to do this. You can experiment with your frames and try out new things. Just as people experiment with their look and wear different things at different times, you can also experiment with the look of your eyewear.

It’s nice to have different Nike Prescription Glasses to match with different clothes. So you can have one pair which is more formal and another which is more casual. You can also have frames in different colors for different outfits. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can go with a pair of cat-eye frames which will make people turn to look at you wherever you go.

So here are a few tips on the different types of frames you can wear:

Nike 8050 003 Satin Black Wolf Grey Frame Satin Black Wolf Grey Lens Angled Side Left

Aviator glasses are always in fashion. They consist of thin metal frames and are shaped to give you maximum coverage for your eyes. So no matter which direction you’re looking, your aviator glasses will make sure you can see clearly. Plus, they hook securely behind your ears. So they’re not going to fall off.

Nowadays, you can also get aviator glasses in plastic. They have the same shape, which gives you full coverage but they’re plastic instead of metal. And the plastic frames come in various different colors, like tortoiseshell, plain black, black and red, black and yellow etc.

Whether you decide to go with the original metallic aviator look or plastic frames, you’re going to get a pair of eyeglasses which will never go out of fashion. The metallic ones can be worn with formal clothes as well as casual clothes.  The plastic ones tend to be more on the casual side.

Wayfarer Glasses

Unlike the classic Aviator style, the Wayfarer style is trapezoidal. So it slants upwards from the middle and doesn’t give as much coverage as the Aviator. But, like Aviators, Wayfarers have always been associated with the idea of “cool.” Tom Cruise wore Wayfarers in Risky Business. Wayfarers have also been worn by many musicians like Michael Jackson and Madonna.

You can wear Wayfarers with all types of casual clothes—from t-shirts and jeans to biker jackets and boots. They’re not exactly right for formal clothes but if you’re going for a more playful, formal look like a blazer without a tie for men or a short dress with books for women, the Wayfarer frames will look great with that.

Rectangular Glasses

In addition to the usual Aviator or Wayfarer, you can also just get rectangular frames. The advantage of these frames is that they go with almost everything. They’re classic. A pair of black, rectangular frames can be worn casual, with a t-shirt and jeans or formal, with a suit. They can be worn by men and women (although you’ll need to get a pair which fits your face). Rectangular frames are also comfortable and provide sufficient coverage.

Nike 7258 034 Eyeglasses Dark Grey Frame

You can get thick, rectangular frames which have a younger, hipster look or thin, rectangular frames which have an older, more mature look. Additionally, you can get the kind which are thicker on top and thinner on the other three sides. This creates the illusion of thicker eyebrows which is a strong, masculine look.

But nowadays, it’s fashionable for women to present an androgynous look. Strong, thick frames can give you a more delicate look around your jaw and chin, by contrast. So it ends up looking feminine after all.

Half-Rimmed Glasses

You can get glasses which have rims on the top half but not the bottom. This is a light, delicate look that women especially might want to experiment with as it reveals your bone structure more clearly. But it’s also a great formal look for men. Plus the half-rims are usually rectangular. So they will go with most types of clothes.

Semi-Circular/Oval Frames

Nike 5020 001 Matte Black Frame Matte Black Lens Angled Side Left

These frames are generally good for all face types. They work for men as well as women and can be worn casually as well as with more formal clothes. The only disadvantage of oval frames is that they may not provide just as much coverage as the other types. But if you don’t have a very high prescription number, then why not go for it? Just be sure to try them on first and make sure that they are comfortable.

They are also available in metallic and plastic versions and you can get a color that matches with what you normally wear.

Creating an Image with Your Frames

Whether you go for Aviators, Wayfarers, rectangular frames or oval ones, keep in mind that you’re creating a certain image of yourself with the frames that you buy. You can look “cool,” “serious,” “dependable,” “reliable” or “playful” depending on the frames you wear. So think about what impression you want to make and buy your frames accordingly.

You should also make sure that the frames you buy match with the types of clothes you wear. For example, if you wear more formal clothes than casual ones, you might want to get metallic frames in an Aviator, rectangular or oval style. If you wear more casual clothes, then go with Wayfarers or plastic frames in any of the other styles.

Remember that silver and black frames go with most types of clothes. But if you’re buying specific colors, then you might want to check your wardrobe first to make sure you have clothes in those colors.

Contact us for more tips on buying the right frame for your face type and wardrobe.

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