6 Reasons Why Sports Fans Love Nike Prescription Sunglasses

As we wrap up the summer and prepare for a good long football season, sports fans are gearing up for a round of game nights, barbecues, and enthusiastic backyard practices. We prepare for the oncoming wave of sporting events in a variety of ways and many people are hitting the gym and fighting off that summer malaise. Of course, with all this renewed activity, you want to make sure your eyewear is as ready for action as you are. Loose or old frames simply won’t do. When looking for a new set of frames that can keep up with weeks of exercise and game nights, look no further than the Nike prescription sunglasses. Form fitted to stay on your head no matter what you get up to, the durable and sleek Nike line of prescription frames has a lot to offer. Here are six reasons why you could use a new pair of sunglasses this season:

1 Watching Sports

Stadiums are bright, hot, and active. People are constantly moving around, visiting the concessions stands, jumping up to cheer and occasionally to shout at each other. Every game you go to is another slew of opportunities for your everyday glasses to be knocked off your face or go flying in response to something lively happening in the seats around you. Nike prescription sunglasses are primarily designed to have a tighter grip and a smoother overall design, helping them cling to your head while you cheer wildly for your favorite team.

2 Looking Good Watching Sports

Stadium sports games are incredibly popular events and a wide variety of people attend to enjoy a little friendly competition. When you’re out there cheering for your team, you want to look your best and proudly represent your sporting community. Whether you’re just there for the team, would like to meet someone who loves sports as much as you do, or just want to look amazing for your spouse on your favorite shared outing, Nike has you covered. Their line of prescription sunglasses frames have that unique combination of sleek and bold, creating an altogether dashing effect. With these flattering and incredibly practical sunglasses, you’re sure to see clearly and look your best whether you’re cheering from the stands or watching the game from your living room.

Nike Tailwind in Matte Gridiron Ember Glow Frame with Pink Mirror Lens, Angled to the Side Left

3 Playing Sports

A lot of people like to get outside and play with or without the game seasons. Some prefer to practice vigorously but alone while many meet in gyms or form local teams that play in parks. Getting your blood pumping is a lot of fun and generating endorphins through exercise can keep you running for hours. However, old or loose sunglasses simply won’t be able to keep up. Whether you’re playing handball in a gym court or tackle football in your backyard, Nike prescription sunglasses have been geared for sports fans like yourself to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle.

4 Watch Your Kids Playing Sports

Kids love outdoor activities as much or more than you do. Of all the sports fans, they are the most energetic and enthusiastic. From field days to soccer tournaments, you want to be able to clearly watch your child’s winning games and personal victories on the field. This is another great application of your new Nike prescription sunglasses, as they can ward off any interfering glare while at the same time allowing you to focus clearly on the intricacies and triumphs of your child’s sports games.

5 Never Lose Your Shades

If you enjoy storing your shades on top of your head between games and grilling, you’re in luck. Nike frames are designed to hold on to your head at any angle and through vigorous activity, meaning you can count on them to still be there when you’re ready to flip on your shades and get back down to business. The gripping Nike design is intended to keep your shades with you no matter what kind of activity you get up to or shenanigans your friends pull while the shades are docked on your forehead. For a pair of prescription sunglasses that will almost never go flying across the yard, Nike is your best bet.

6 Comfortable in the Heat

One of the primary challenges involved in a good pair of outdoor shades is the heat factor. A lot of wrap-around sleek looking shades are not actually designed with sports in mind and become a heat trap exactly where you don’t want one. Heat on the front of your face causes sweating which runs into your eyes and essentially defeats the purpose of shades in the first place. Nike, on the other hand, has always considered athletes, casual and professional, as their target audience and the Nike prescription frames should stay cool and comfortable through all your sports related activities.

How you enjoy the sports seasons is entirely up to you. For people who love the stadiums, hosting the neighborhood game night parties, socializing at sports events, playing sports at home or out on the town, or have children who play sports, Nike has a prescription frame that is perfect for you, offering an enjoyable balance between sleek and functional. With the aesthetically pleasing appearance, gripping ear pieces and cool design, you’re sure to find dozens of reasons to bust out your new prescription sunglasses sporting that unmistakable Nike logo. If you would like more information about Nike prescription glasses or sunglasses, contact us today. Our eyewear specialists are ready to help you find the perfect frames for your next pair of lenses.

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