7 Nike Prescription Glasses that Help You Stand Out

Wearing glasses does not have to be a bad thing. Find the right pair, and you can make a fashion statement while at the same time improving your vision for any sport and leisurely activity.

Understanding that fact, of course, should only be the beginning in finding the right pair of glasses. You might love stylish and sporty Nike eye wear, but don’t know where to start in finding the perfect ones for your needs. To help you make that decision, here are 7 Nike glasses that can help you stand out positively among any crowd.

1) Nike Vintage 80 Prescription Sunglasses

The name suggests the core fashion benefit of this option. These sunglasses are nothing if not vintage, offering large lenses that both provide maximum protection and help you make a statement. It’s the classic sport eye wear shape, available in neon yellow and black or leopard print frame coloring.

2) Nike Mercurial Prescription Sunglasses

Talk about making a statement. Nike’s Mercurial series comes in bright colors, branded prominently with the brand’s legendary swoosh. Colors range from gym red to royal blue, neon green, and other, only slightly more subtle options. The lightweight wraparound frame adds both stability and an extra fashion element.

3) Nike Vital Prescription Sunglasses

The frames are classic, but that doesn’t mean they don’t stand out when need be. Consider Nike’s Vital line without the coloring, and you might think it’s just another pair of glasses. Add in the color changes, and your perspective changes drastically. From gold to tortoise, you can match the glasses with your wardrobe for maximum possible effect.

4) Nike Volano Prescription Sunglasses

Unlike the previous option, little is subtle about this frame. However, that doesn’t make it any less stylish. Instead, you get almost round lenses with a sleek frame, drawing immediate attention to your eyes anytime you wear them. Exaggerating that effect are color options, from grey to tortoise and gold flecks.

5) Nike Ignition Prescription Sunglasses

Many of the above options are relatively vintage, with rounded lenses and thick frames. The opposite could be said for the Ignition line. Here, Nike shows off its signature sleek design, with a natural fit making these glasses ideal for performance sports. An adjustable nose bridge only adds to the fit, while lens colors from orange to dark blue add a fascinating effect to the frame.

6) Nike Mojo Prescription Sunglasses

Among the options presented in this article, Nike’s line of Mojo sunglasses may be the most easy to stand out. That’s largely because of the large brand word mark on the side of the frame, which clearly establishes just which brand the wearer prefers. At the same time, it’s designed to fit your eyes and head even during extreme performance sports, combining fashion with sports function.

7) Nike Fleet Prescription Sunglasses

In its simplistic yet sleek design, the Fleet option works ideally well for both male and female athletes – as well as anyone who simply wants to stand out. The shape is purposely square, contrasting with a cut opening at each end that adds an airy quality to the frame. Colors tend to be more subtle as well, with multiple grey and black shades available.

Combined, these seven models offer the right option for anyone with a sense of fashion while performing in a sport. Whether you hit the gym, want to run a few miles, or simply need to see the baseball during batting practice, you don’t want to sacrifice either function or style. Thanks to the many prescription glass options available from Nike, you don’t have to.

Adding Elements to Your Nike Sunglasses

Of course, finding the right pair of Nike sunglasses for your needs is only the beginning. Now, you also have to make sure that you add every possible gadget to make your glasses better fit your individual needs. Some of your options include:

  • Bifocal lenses, which allow you to see more clearly both for longer and shorter distances.
  • Progressive bifocals, which offer the same benefit but without a clearly visible line on your glasses.
  • Anti-reflective coating, especially beneficial when driving at night or during sunny days.
  • UV coating, protecting your eyes from potentially harmful ultraviolet sun rays.
  • Scratch coating, to keep your lenses function perfectly for longer.

In addition to these lens options, you can also get gadgets such as a carrying case that will further improve your sunglasses. But ultimately, the most important consideration is two-fold: find the style you like to stand out, and make sure that the lens will carry the correct prescription.

Finding the Right Sunglasses For Your Needs

Some of the above examples may have peaked your interest. Or maybe you want to keep looking, being interested in other brands and frame styles as well. You might even be looking for a very specific type of Nike eye wear that works especially well for your sport or leisurely activity.

In either case, it makes sense to find a resource that offers a wide selection of available glasses. You want to be able to shop securely, allowing you to conveniently buy a pair when the fit seems right. And when buying your prescription glasses online, you absolutely need to make sure that you can return them should the prescription not be quite right.

In other words, you need to be shopping with MyEyewear2Go. We’re proud of our selection, as well as our shopper protections that help you make sure you spend your money well. To find the right pear of Nike prescription glasses to help you stand out, contact us.

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