5 Advantages of Wearing Nike Prescription Glasses

Many people feel a little reluctant to wear glasses. If you’ve always had a glamorous look and suddenly, you need to start wearing glasses, you might feel like you don’t look that good anymore. Your glasses might clash with your haircut, your clothes and your overall look. So you might opt for contacts instead.

However, keep in mind that there are certain occasions when wearing glasses might actually work in your favor. So if you think that there are no advantages to wearing Nike prescription glasses, then think again. Here are a few:

They’re More Comfortable Than Contacts

No matter how you slice it, it’s a fact that glasses are more comfortable than contacts. With contacts, you get that burning, stinging sensation in your eyes. It might go away after a while but why suffer through it? When it comes to glasses, you’re never going to have that discomfort at all. As long as your glasses fit your face well, you’ll be comfortable from the get-go.

Plus, with glasses, you don’t have to wear them all the time. Let’s say that you only have numbers for reading, you can just put on your glasses for reading.Only have numbers for seeing things that are far away, you can wear your glasses when you’re looking at something far away.

You don’t have to wear them when you’re reading or looking at a computer screen. These are options you don’t have with contact lenses. If you think it’s a pain to keep taking your glasses out of a case every time you need to wear them, you can just keep them on a chain around your neck. Even that chain can become a fashion statement.

People Take You More Seriously

Appearances shouldn’t matter but unfortunately, they do. There are certain looks that people associate with greater seriousness and certain looks that are associated with frivolity. For example, as a woman, if you wear your hair down and team it with a miniskirt, people may not take you as seriously as they do when you’re wearing a suit and glasses. As a man too, an unshaven look with jeans is going to create a more frivolous look than business-appropriate attire with glasses.

This applies to the professional arena as well as personal matters. Whether you’re going for an interview or you’re going on a first date, glasses are your friends. Not only are they more comfortable, they also help you to be taken more seriously.

You Can Accessorize with Glasses

Gone are the days when glasses were only available in a few boring frames. Nowadays, they’re available in a variety of materials, shapes and colors. Glasses aren’t simply useful. They’re also attractive. So you need to start thinking of them as an accessory which will help you to put together a great outfit.

Just like earrings or pendants, you can have a few different sets of glasses to be worn with different outfits. For times when you want to look more serious, you can get rectangular metal frames. For times when you want to look more fun, go for the animal print or cat-eye frames.


You’ll Enjoy Reading/Movies More

When you try to read books or watch movies without wearing glasses, you tend to squint all the time. You’ll frown with the effort necessary to read or with the bright lights coming at you from the movie screen (it doesn’t matter if it’s a big screen or just your TV set). Even simple things like checking your phone can be difficult to do when you’re not wearing glasses. Plus, sitting at your computer will also lead to a lot of eye strain.

Obviously, glasses will help a lot if you have a higher number. But even if your number is not very high, you’ll find that the continuous strain of all the work you give your eyes throughout the day is so much that they end up feeling very tired at the end of the day.

We live in a world where reading/looking at screens has become a necessity for everyone. And in order to do this more comfortably, you have to wear glasses regularly. It will help to reduce strain and make sure that your number doesn’t go up in the long run.

You’ll Avoid Getting Wrinkles

This might come as a surprise to you. How can wearing glasses help you to avoid wrinkles? Well, you know what happens when you don’t wear glasses? You squint and frown all day long. And doing that leads to the formation of lines around your eyes and on your forehead.

It’s the eye area which is the first to go when it comes to fine lines/wrinkles. And this is because people aren’t wearing their glasses regularly. They think, so what if I just skip once? It’s not a big deal. But if you skip once a day everyday, that’s like skipping 365 times a year—enough to cause one fine line or wrinkle, don’t you think?

Once a fine line or wrinkle has been formed, it’s very difficult to get rid of it. People have been spending lots of research money to find the perfect cream/gel to get rid of fine lines around the eyes. But no one has been successful in doing this yet.

However, most people just ignore the best way of getting rid of fine lines: don’t let them get formed! Wear your glasses. Avoid squinting and frowning. And you’ll find that your skin will remain youthful for much longer.

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