Finding High-Quality Solar Eclipse Glasses with Green Shade 14 Lenses


The solar eclipse of 2017 left an enduring impression on those fortunate enough to witness it. Positioned in the right place at the right time, observers were treated to a captivating spectacle as the sun gradually disappeared from the midday sky. As gazes shifted away from its radiant glow, the world plunged into an eerie darkness, tinged with a foreboding red hue, while the natural environment seemed to buzz with anticipation. Above, a circular shadow slowly overtook the once-unblemished canvas of the sky, creating a moment suspended in time, filled with a mixture of awe and trepidation. Only those equipped with high-quality solar eclipse glasses could truly appreciate the majestic beauty of this celestial phenomenon, serving as a fleeting yet profound reminder of the boundless wonders of nature.

Safety Measures for Observing a Solar Eclipse

Ensuring safe viewing of a solar eclipse requires meticulous precautions. Unlike observing the event from the ground, directly experiencing this celestial phenomenon mandates the use of specialized eyewear designed for safe sun observation. Conventional sunglasses offer inadequate protection against the sun’s piercing rays, potentially causing hazardous after-images and eye damage. 

To fully appreciate the awe-inspiring moment when the moon’s shadow envelops the sun, one must opt for glasses specifically crafted for solar viewing. These glasses must possess sufficient darkness to permit direct sun observation while ensuring the sun appears as a pleasantly bright disc. Meeting the stringent safety standards set by organizations like NASA, such eyewear must adhere to ISO 12312-2 international regulations or feature welding shades of 12, 13, or 14.

Two Types of Safety Lenses

ISO 12312-2 Solar Eclipse Glasses adhere to the rigorous standards set by the International Standards Organization (ISO), ensuring safe eye protection during direct observation of the sun. These glasses, whether crafted from inexpensive cardboard and plastic for special events or designed as clip-ons for prescription glasses, are certified as safe for viewing solar eclipses and other solar phenomena. Unfortunately, acquiring ISO 12312-2 glasses can become challenging as an eclipse approaches, exacerbated by counterfeiters exploiting the regulation’s complexity, producing fake glasses with deceptive stamps of compliance.

Shade 14 welding glasses offer another reliable option for safely viewing solar eclipses. These glasses feature a darkness level sufficient for direct observation of the sun’s brilliance. Recommended by organizations like NASA, welding glasses with Shade 14 protection provide adequate eye shielding during solar events. While less commonly available than ISO 12312-2 glasses, they offer a dependable alternative for ensuring eye safety during solar observations. The solar-safe welding filters are between the range of 12 and 14. 14 Shades are the strongest, and therefore safest when viewing the solar eclipse.

Why do I need special lenses to view a solar eclipse?

You may think your regular sunglasses are enough to look at a solar eclipse, but the lenses are not dark enough. Staring directly at a solar eclipse can result in long-term or even permanent eye damage, including blindness. Even looking through a telescope or binoculars without the right level of shade will cause similar damage. It can vary depending on how ‘total’ the eclipse is, but it’s always better to play it safe when it can cause irreparable damage. 

Discovering Eclipse Glasses That Ensure Safety

When selecting eclipse glasses, it’s crucial to ensure their safety for use during the eclipse. Although the ISO made efforts to establish a standard, the challenge lies in the fact that their seal of approval has been successfully counterfeited during the 2017 lead-up. You may recall the persistent reminders that not every product claiming to be eclipse-safe truly was. Numerous scandals emerged regarding counterfeit regulation-stamped solar eclipse glasses, leading to many people being deceived into purchasing cardboard glasses that failed to provide adequate eye protection.

Solar Eclipse Glasses with Shade 14 Lense

During the eclipse event, residual sunlight, even when partially or fully obscured by the moon, can pose significant risks if directly observed. Green Shade 14 solar eclipse lenses adeptly filter out the majority of this harmful light, permitting only a minimal fraction to pass through and ensuring observers can safely enjoy the eclipse without discomfort or eye damage. While Green Shade 14 lenses excel in safeguarding against solar events, their extreme darkness may render them unsuitable for everyday use, potentially impairing visibility in normal lighting conditions and activities requiring clear vision. Nevertheless, for observing the celestial phenomenon of the 2024 eclipse, Green Shade 14 lenses offer unparalleled safety, allowing viewers to witness this remarkable event without compromising their eye health.

While you could get cardboard regulation eclipse glasses for less than a dollar apiece, these are likely to leave you wondering if you and your family are really protected. Your best bet is to find shades with real plastic frames and a welding shade rating between 12 and 14. For the highest possible level of protection, especially for your little ones, going with shade 14 is your safest option.

Finding Your Solar Eclipse Glasses

Amidst the growing excitement for the 2024 eclipse, glass manufacturers have broadened their offerings of solar eclipse-safe glasses, recognizing the essential need for diverse options in preparation. Emphasizing safety, particularly for children and individuals with sensitive eyes, consumers now have access to durable ‘sunglasses’ equipped with the highest level of solar protection Green Shade 14 lenses. Renowned for their notably dark tint denoted by the Shade 14 designation, these lenses effectively shield against the sun’s intense brightness during a solar eclipse, appearing in a distinct dark green hue. 

At Rx-Safety, we understand the importance of securing reliable eclipse glasses for the upcoming 2024 event. Our glasses feature sturdy black plastic frames designed to withstand the excitement of eclipse viewing while ensuring a secure fit. Paired with Welding Green Shade 14 lenses, our glasses offer the safest lens option available, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the celestial spectacle.

Planning for the 2024 eclipse? You can now procure safe eclipse-viewing glasses for yourself and your family. Our glasses are not only immediately testable but also durable enough to last until the next eclipse, eliminating the need for a new set. For more information on safe solar eclipse viewing or to find the perfect glasses for the 2024 event, contact us today!

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