Nike 7090 Prescription Glasses

Here at RX-Safety, we love the Nike 7090 eyeglass Frame. They are a great option for anyone who wants to have a sleek and sporty look without paying for the price tag of a brand name pair of glasses. The color combinations are fantastic and there are always several available. In particular, the matte black is very sleek looking. If you have a rounder face, the rectangular frames will flatter that. The size of the lens is perfect for a huge variety of customers as well.

Part of the reason that we recommend Nike frames is that they are so comfortable! Other types of glasses tend to be so much heavier than the Nike frames since Nike has that lightweight design, and the rubber nose pads make a huge difference in keeping them from sliding off of people’s faces. Especially in the summer when you might be sweating, the design keeps you from having to constantly push your glasses back up your nose.

Nike is known for the durability of their glasses. They use the cam action hinge because it locks in and doesn’t have a pin. That means it doesn’t get loose and you won’t have that moment on your next trip when you lose the screw to your glasses. Nothing says vacation like having to crawl around holding your glasses to your face looking for a tiny glasses screw. You also don’t need to worry about constantly getting your glasses tightened between trips to the eye doctor, since the hinges lock into place so well. These Nike frames are the kind of glasses that will last for years.

About Nike 7090 Glasses

Nike is great about creating glasses that are durable and comfortable but still play into the latest trends. You’ll never feel like you look like a geek when you’re wearing their glasses, and we love that they work as a “sporty” look. If you’re looking for a pair of glasses that will work for your style but still be durable, Nike frames are a fantastic option. There are so many sizes and styles that if these frames aren’t big enough for your face or don’t really work for your personal style, you can find a pair that will work for you. Plus, if you need a pair of glasses that will stay on during outdoor activities like sports, Nike has tons of fantastic options for you that will fit just as well as they are day-to-day frames. It’s so easy to make the transition from your regular frames to glasses that will stay on your face when you’re working out with this brand that you will probably never buy a different type of glasses.

Whatever your personal style or preferences, Nike has tons of frame options for you. RX-Safety has all of the latest Nike frame options here, so if you’re in the market for a great new set of frames, Nike 7090 Frames are a great option to try! If you have any other questions on why we recommend these glasses, you can contact us here for more information.

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