Can I Buy Prescription Glasses Online?

The short answer to this question is yes, absolutely, you can buy prescription glasses online! The internet is a great place to purchase any type of prescription glasses you need depending on your eyesight and style. There are plenty of great options you can find online for whatever type of prescription glasses meet your needs, and the best part is, you never have to leave your couch.

Depending on the type of prescription glasses you’re looking for, you can find almost anything online. There are brand name options, more cost-effective options, and typically, you’re more likely to find a discount online. Almost every lens type is available as well. Depending on the type of glasses you need, you’ll want to do research on the right kind of lens to go with the frames that you choose.

There are tons of different types of lenses to choose from that will meet your unique needs. So before you click “Add to Cart” these are a few glasses options to think about.

Lens Types

Clear Lenses

Clear lenses are the most common choice. They correct your vision of course, but the clear lenses don’t impair your vision under any circumstances like some other types of lenses might. You’ll be able to see the world naturally in all types of light, just as you would be able to if you had 20/20 vision. They have the benefit of highlighting your natural eye color, and they’re the least expensive lenses you can choose for your glasses.

Clear with Blue Blocker

As we have started spending so much of our time looking at computer screens, glasses have been designed to block the blue light from those screens more effectively than clear lenses. These lenses block all ultraviolet light up to 420 nanometers, which might cause damage to the cornea and lens of our eyes. Many people also complain of headaches or dry eye as a result of looking at screens so much. Blue blocker lenses combat the effects of ultraviolet light, both from the sun and from the screens we use so frequently. They reduce eye strain which makes your eyes more comfortable throughout the day, and they can be used in almost any frame, and they can make a huge difference in your overall eye health.

Transition Lenses

If one of your pet peeves about wearing glasses is the inconvenience of having to switch from prescription glasses to prescription sunglasses every time you step outside, transition lenses are the solution for you. These lenses provide you with effective protection both indoors and outdoors, without having any tint while you’re inside. These are some of the best lenses you can get for protection. They are light intelligent and can tell when you’re inside, outside, or behind a windshield. They block UVA, UVB, and blue light both indoors and outdoors. They minimize eye fatigue and you don’t have to worry about carrying around two pairs of glasses. There are several colors that these lenses come in:

●      Transition Grey Lenses – Grey is a sophisticated look that’s also very functional. The grey tint minimizes glare, especially from the water, and they still look natural.

●      Transition Brown Lenses – Brown lenses are a great choice for optimal performance in all conditions. They enhance contrast and have a red element which helps with your depth perception. Transition brown lenses are particularly popular when driving or playing sports because they protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays while enhancing your ability to see in bright conditions.

●      Transition Vantage Lenses – These transition lenses specialize in reducing glare that can cause eye strain. They give you crisper and more detailed vision, while still protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.

Progressive Bifocals

Progressive bifocals are a great option for people who are both near-sighted and far-sighted. They offer three viewing areas: distance vision, intermediate vision, and near vision. However, unlike traditional bifocals, they don’t have lines between each viewing area. The integration of these three prescriptions is seamless. The primary viewing area in the progressive lenses is for distance. There’s a smaller area at the bottom for reading and an even smaller area for intermediate vision in the middle. This allows them to be functional for all activities, from walking to driving to living. Most people prefer progressive bifocals to traditional bifocals, and you can certainly find options for these lenses online.

Polarized Sunglasses

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new pair of sunglasses online, you can opt for the basic model or you can invest in a pair of polarized sunglasses. These lenses are specially treated to protect your eyes from environmental factors that can affect your eyesight outside. Specifically, they are treated to block the light rays that reflect off of things like water or snow. Instead of the reflected light entering your eyes, it is filtered out by the lenses. This reduces glare and prevents your eyes from straining, which allows you to see better. The great thing about buying sunglasses online is that you can find reasonably priced sunglasses that have optimal protection without being outside of your budget.

Most people don’t want to take time out of their day to go try on glasses anymore. The internet has opened up a massive set of options for glasses wearers of all kinds. You can find any type of lens or frame on the internet, and the best part is, you can typically get a discount. There’s no reason you need to carve out time from your busy schedule to go try on glasses.

At RX-Safety, we have tons of glasses options and every type of lens you could imagine available to our customers. Whether you’re looking for a name brand pair of glasses or a cost-effective option, you can find what you’re looking for on our site. If you have questions about our product offerings, feel free to reach out to us here! Our team of professionals will be more than happy to help you find which of our products will work best for you.

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