How to Get Prescription Wiley X Sunglasses

How to get prescription Wiley X sunglasses RX Safety Blog

When you find a brand you love, you stick with them. This is how many glasses wearers feel about Wiley X prescription sunglasses. With a reputation for reliability and excellence, Wiley X has many returning customers. These customers head straight to sites that carry Wiley X frames when they get online to look for their next pair. And the Wiley X name delivers with a wealth of frame options for their safety sunglasses. In this article, you will discover how to get prescription Wiley X Sunglasses.

Shop At Well Trusted Company

If you make the choice to purchase a pair of Wiley X prescription sunglasses, there are a few easy steps to follow to complete the process. The first step is locating your ideal pair of frames online. A few well trusted companies such as RX-Safety are proud to carry Wiley X Sunglasses. Plus, at RX Safety how to get prescription Wiley X Sunglasses is an easy process. This step is the most fun because it involves selecting the frames that most match your unique style. Choose the pair of Wiley X sunglasses frames that are your preferred size, shape, and color.

Decide Your Frame Size

Also, something to consider while choosing your favorite sunglasses is what size the frames come in. Pay attention to the dimensions of the frames listed in the product specifications. This will prevent you from selecting frames that are too wide or too narrow for your face. You may also want to look into what frame styles are best for the segment that you wear them in.

Lens Coatings and Features

Next, you will have to choose the coatings and features of your lenses. Anti-scratch, anti-reflection, water-repellant, and UV protective coatings are just a few of the options available to you. These lens options help to protect your eyes and your glasses in any hazardous segment. The lenses of sunglasses also include the option for more choices such as tint, gradient, and reflective lenses.

Add Your Prescription

Additionally, you will have to add your prescription from your ophthalmologist. Have your prescription ready on hand, and very carefully enter all information from the RX into the provided fields. Thankfully, this process is straightforward and simple. Once your prescription is on your safety sunglasses, they will be perfect for all elements.


Finally, your last step in purchasing Wiley X safety sunglasses is to head to your cart and checkout. Enter your payment information and address, and prepare to receive a high-quality pair of frames. With Wiley X being a brand loved by many, we are confident that you will love your new frames!

About Wiley X

Wiley X is a well-known optical safety brand in the protective eyewear segment. They provide quality safety glasses and safety sunglasses. They are easily accessible and available online and have the ability to have your eyeglass prescription added to them. Wiley X is a family and U.S. veteran founded company that has been in the business of providing superior protective eyewear for more than two decades. They have adapted well to providing prescription safety glasses and sunglasses online. Many workers in military environments and first responders wear Wiley X exclusively.

All Wiley X glasses and sunglasses undergo rigorous testing in order to meet industry standards and are ANSI Z87-2+ approved for optimal protection. Select styles also adhere to stringent military Ballistic VO impact certification. Wiley X glasses are built to provide complete protection in any segment, while still providing customers the chance to wear a stylish frame. Manufactured with high quality materials such as shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses and Triloid nylon frames, Wiley X products are lightweight and extremely durable.

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