Where can you buy 7Eye motorcycle glasses?

Motorcycle riders deal with some of the harshest optical segments possible. While out on the open road, men and women riders deal with extreme conditions. Their eyes are exposed to sun, dirt, dust, wind, and any number of various debris. In fact, these factors all pose increased danger while the rider is traveling at high velocity speeds. Seasoned bikers know the importance of protecting themselves from these dangerous elements. They do this by wearing protective eye gear. Having a good pair of motorcycle sunglasses can make or break your day out on the open road. This is why riders look for well trusted brands, like 7Eye by Panoptx for their protective motorcycle glasses. But, where can you buy 7Eye motorcycle glasses?

Certified Distributors

At RX-Safety, we make it our mission to take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to finding these great brands for motorcycle glasses. We are certified distributors of a variety of well-loved brands, and 7Eye by Panotpx it is one of them. With our experience in customers that need optical safety gear, the motorcycle community is one of our most prominent customers.

Reasons to Buy 7Eye by Panotpx at RX Safety

We suggest 7Eye as a preferred brand that we carry to many of our motorcycle rider customers. Truly, this is because 7Eye is a company that manufactures particularly excellent glasses and sunglasses for motorcycle riding. The Airshield technology that seals the eye cups around your eyes while you wear them ensures this. They block out dust, debris, and wind. This makes 7Eye one of the best brands on the market for motorcycle riding.

All in all, we assert that 7Eye is the perfect brand for our motorcycle riding customers. In fact, customers that buy motorcycle sunglasses on RX-Safety.com have the added bonus of our customizing services. In addition, you can add your prescription and a variety of great lens options to your 7Eye Sunglasses. So, you will get the durability of a 7Eye motorcycle sunglasses combined with RX Safety lenses. Plus, your 7Eye motorcycle sunglasses with prescription will be affordable. So the answer to ‘where can you buy 7Eye motorcycle glasses?’ it is obviously. At RX Safety!

More About 7Eye

7Eye is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing specialty safety sunglasses. The company’s brand name ‘7 Eye’ represents the 7 visible spectral lights or colors naturally detectable by the human eye. These seven colors are the colors of the rainbow represented in the acronym ROYGBIV.

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