Why Should I Buy Oakley NFL Sunglasses at RX-Safety?

Huddle up NFL fans! Here at RX-Safety, we are excited to show off our team spirit by carrying the new officially licensed Oakley NFL Sunglasses collection. This Oakley collection is causing a stir among football fans of all NFL teams. This line of official NFL licensed sunglasses is available in five different frames styles. These five different frame styles are available in the team colors of the 32 different NFL teams. As a smart consumer, you might be wondering, “Why should I buy Oakley NFL sunglasses at RX Safety? If I can buy directly from Oakley”. At RX-Safety, we are here to tell you just that!


As a family-owned and run an online optical lab that has been in the business of providing optical eyewear for decades, we have come to know our customers. Therefore, we know what traits they are looking for in their sunglasses. In fact, one of our most popularly used services is the ability for us to add your prescription to your favorite sunglasses. Many of our customers utilize this great service, and the professional capabilities of our optical lab have perfected this process. You might say “But Oakley also offers this service!”. Well, RX-Safety knows another key feature our customers look for in their glasses. Not only reliability and safety, but affordability. RX-Safety is offering prescription NFL sunglasses at a better, more affordable price than ordering from Oakley directly.

Wide Selection Of Lens and Coatings

However, affordability is not the only reason that RX-Safety is the ultimate place to order the Oakley NHL collection. As an officially licensed Oakley Retailer, RX-Safety is also offering a large range of lens options and coatings that can be added to the glasses. This way, you can even further customize the frames that you pick to represent your favorite football team. 

Rx-Safety is taking these great Oakley sunglasses and backing them up with unprecedented service and care. The RX-Safety team is always on call to help you choose the perfect frames and options for you. We are here to walk you through the process every step of the way.

Add Your Prescription

Most NFL Oakley sunglasses have the ability to have your prescription added to them by RX-Safety. This way, even wearers that need prescription eyesight aid can celebrate their team with special-edition NFL sunglasses from Oakley. Right now, the four frame styles that are available in the collection are the Holbrook, Flak 2.0 XL, Gascan, and Low Key. These four unique NFL Oakley styles all provide different features to benefit you in all different segments. Wearing prescription sunglasses will be both handy and fun. Plus, we also offer the Sutro NFL sunglasses, without prescription available.

They can be customized even further by the wealth of lens options we provide here at RX-Safety. In addition to providing the option to add your exact glasses prescription to the sunglasses, we offer many other features. For example, you can perfectly customize the prescription sunglasses by selecting the lens material, lens color, and lens coating. These features allow you to show off your role as part of your favorite team, while still keeping your NFL prescription sunglasses unique and individual to you.

We are proud to be the smart, affordable place to buy this incredible collection for our customers. The Oakley NFL Sunglasses collection, offered by RX-Safety, is the ultimate line for true football fans with optical safety in mind.

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