Safety Glasses That Become Regular Glasses

Safety-glasses-that-can-be-converted- into-regular-eyewear.

Have you ever seen a nurse in their scrubs at the supermarket after a long shift? A police officer grabbing dinner in their uniform after a day on patrol? The truth of the matter is those that work in hazardous and tough segments are regular people that gear up for safety during the day. Often, they don’t have the time or energy to change. Or, they are taking a quick break before getting out on the field. At RX-Safety, we cater to people like this every day. Much of our customer base are those who go from work life to everyday life after the job. This is why we carry safety glasses that easily transition to regular looking glasses.

In fact, RX-Safety carries a wide variety of glasses in class and stylish shapes for our customers. Typically, you cannot even tell that they are prescription safety glasses. We carry them in styles such as rimless, aviator, wrap around, and more! Those that work in labs, shooting ranges, or industrial segments can leave work and continue their day wearing our glasses.

The vast majority of our prescription safety glasses and prescription safety sunglasses can easily transition to everyday wear. Our procurement and design teams here at RX-Safety monitor the latest optical trend, and we carry frames that are fashionable and trendy. Just because our frames are on trend, doesn’t mean that they lack in protective quality. They are all still lightweight, durable, and extremely protective.

The exception to this trend is our prescription safety goggles. These would be difficult to wear in everyday life. These offer a protection that seals itself around your eyes. Prescription safety goggles protect a wider area. However, we also have a solution for this. If you are looking for the protective range of prescription safety goggles, but in a frame that blends in everyday wear, we have the solution. We offer a range of prescription safety glasses that come with removable side shields. These glasses have the benefit of an expanded range of protection while the shields are clipped on. Then, you simply snap off the removable side shields when you are done on the job! It’s that simple.

At RX-Safety, we are proud to offer prescription safety glasses and prescription safety sunglasses that our front-line workers can wear to transition out of their shifts. Check out our line of prescription safety glasses here today!

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