The 5 Best Shooting Glasses in 2021

Many of our customers here at RX-Safety require shooting glasses for work and sport. We cater to a wide customer base such as military personnel, athletes, hunters, and more. All of these segments require optimal UV protection for the sun’s rays and professional level ballistics protection. Therefore, at RX-Safety we are committed to providing the perfect combination of these two protections in our tactical glasses. We are proud to stock tactical sunglasses that provide MIL-PRF-31013 ballistics protection. Our vast, specially curated line of tactical sunglasses provides a wealth of protections and safety features. This includes optical quality, UV protection, light transmission levels, chemical resistance, temperature stability, ballistic qualities of the spectacle, and more. In fact, these deeper levels of protection are why military personnel wear tactical sunglasses. Here, we delve into the best 5 shooting glasses available on the market in 2021.


The Wiley X Gravity shooting sunglasses sport a sleek design that is popular with hunters and military members alike. These wrap around style frames come in a variety of unique colors that make them the perfect choice for those looking for any color options. The Wiley X Gravity Prescription Tactical Glasses are a lightweight, yet still extremely durable frame. These sunglasses provide 100% UAV/UVB protection and distortion-free clarity. Additionally, the frames meet the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standards. The captivate mirrored colored lenses by Oakley make these an extremely popular choice for those that want to show their unique style without compromising on tactical protection.


Military style goggles provide complete, impenetrable protection and are a preferred protective style for shooting glasses. The Smith Optics Outside the Wire Protective sunglasses goggles provide ultimate ballistics protection. Smith Optics is a brand well known and trusted by many in the military safety segment. This is a reputation earned by years of providing quality optical protection.  Additionally, these military safety goggles have flame-resistant antimicrobial goggle foam. The lenses have anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings. These goggles meet industry standard ballistic protection requirements.


One of the most popular styles amongst shooting glasses wearers is the semi rimless frame. The Wiley X Rogue brings this style to the table with an unmatched lightweight feel. They do this while still being versatile for all hazardous outdoor segments. This lightweight frame is extremely versatile for multiple environments. This is due to its flexible nose piece and ultra-durable, changeable lenses. Also, these sunglasses also block out all unwanted peripheral light, as well as coming with T-Shell™ lens coating. We believe that the Wiley X Rogue is one of the best and most versatile tactical sunglasses on the market for men and women in 2021.


Since adding these outstanding shooting sunglasses to our collection, we have loved the durability and heavy-duty protection they provide. The Oakley Standard Issue DET Cord tactical sunglasses are extremely safe and protective. Beyond that, they are extremely popular with our military personal customers because of their unique, patriotic design. While safety is always priority number one with tactical glasses, here at RX-Safety, we love to give our customers the ability to show their colors and unique style. Customers can do just that with the American flag design in red, white, and blue or black and white! The frames also support comms compatible ear stems. The frame remains lightweight thanks to the Lightweight O Matter™ frame material. The lenses have an 8.75 base lens geometry with HDO® ensuring security for your eyes. These ballistics rated tactical shooting sunglasses are perfect for ballistics environments in 2021.


Due to constant movement often done in hazardous ballistics and military settings, many of our customers prefer to not wear the semi rimless style. For these customers, we recommend the Smith Optics Operators Choice Elite sunglasses. In fact, these tactical sunglasses are fully rimmed and extremely protective. Also, they offer a more classic shape and style of protection in all hazardous outdoor settings. With their more classic shape, these military ballistics rated glasses transition perfectly into everyday life. 

Therefore, we recommend these tactical sunglasses as a great option to provide ballistics protection. That’s why they are our choices for the 5 best shooting glasses in 2021.

  1. Bob Dugan says:

    Want 2 w/Smith op frames
    1.sun,rx 1yellow, rx

  2. Bob Dugan says:

    Want Smith op frames
    1.sun,rx 1yellow, rx

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