Discover the Best Coatings for Safety Glasses

Here at RX-Safety, we love offering our customers the ability to customize their glasses. As an online retailer of optical safety, we love being able to offer customers time to make their safety glasses perfect. This is why our team is proud to offer different coatings for the lenses of your prescription safety glasses. In fact, our lens coatings are available on your regular glasses, safety glasses, prescription tactical glasses, shooting glasses and even prescription safety sunglasses. Discover the best coatings for your safety glasses here.

People choose to customize their glasses with lens coatings for many reasons. It may be for added protection from the sun, blue light protection, or to prevent their glasses scratching or fogging. We cater to a wide variety of customers that work in different hazardous environments. Whatever unpredictable weather or debris comes in contact with their eyeglasses, we are confident we have the right lens coating for the job.

Scratch Coating

One of the most popular lens coating options we offer is the Scratch Coating. This is one of the most popular options because of the tough environments some customers face. This includes those that work in industrial segments where flying debris is common.  It adds a barrier of protection that hardens the surface of the lens. Excessive scratching on your lenses can cause build up of vision obstruction and add a hazy appearance to lenses. If your lenses are formed from any material other than glass, a scratch-resistant coating will increase their productive lifespan.

UV Protection Coating

Another incredibly popular lens coating is UltraViolet or UV Protection coating. UV light is invisible to the human eye but can, in excess, cause retinal burning and scarring. Therefore, most sunglasses are already designed to block a high level of UV radiation. However, if your lenses do not specifically state their UV screening level you may want to have them upgraded with UV protection. The reason UV coatings are so popular is because unavoidable exposure to UV light is something almost everyone has in common. If you spend time outdoors, an additional UV coating will offer protection and increase the health and longevity of your eyesight.

Anti Fog Permanent Coating

If you’re someone that works or plays sports outside, you might also want to consider our permanent anti-fog coating. An anti-fog coating works by chemically affecting the adhesion of water molecules, preventing them grouping into larger clusters that can impair vision. If your glasses are frequently exposed to temperature changes or humid conditions, you’ll likely want an anti-fog coating to help combat condensation. Additionally, as you wear hygienic masks, your breath may fog your glasses. This is a great example of a situation in which both men and women in any segment may benefit from anti-fog coatings on their lenses.

Importance of Coating on Your Lenses

Coatings on the lenses of your safety glasses can make your day at work or on the field better. Nowadays, discover the best coatings for safety glasses such as scratch coating are almost mandatory. These coatings benefit all kinds of work environments. The process for adding a lens coating to your glasses on is super easy! Simply customize the lenses with easy-to-use instructions after clicking the pair of frames you desire. Additionally, you can even send in your existing frames for lens replacement by using our lens replacement service here. To view a more detailed description of the lens coatings offered by RX-Safety, click here!

  1. Edward Haley says:

    Hi There,
    I am interested in having prescription safety glasses. I am a production supervisor and would require prescription safety glasses as my vision near and far has gotten worse over the years. I am 59 – How would you make them that I could clearly see when wearing them. Also – what is the time frame that it takes to receive my order?

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