How to Chose Your Prescription Shooting Glasses

Any seasoned shooter will tell you the importance of gearing up properly with eye protection. Whether you’re off to the range, training course, or out in the wild to hunt, it is extremely important to protect your eyes. Projectiles, dust and debris, and weather factors can all affect your vision while working with firearms. One of the key things you need while working with a gun is concentration. Uninhibited focus and zero distractions are priority for men and women who practice safety with weapons. At RX-Safety, we’ve built up our expertise from decades supplying quality prescription shooting glasses to those that need it. Our customers are first responders, military personnel, hunters, airsoft gun athletes, and more. So here you will discover how to chose your prescription shooting glasses.

Those people are the ones that our team of optical eyewear specialists dedicate themselves to protecting. Our carefully curated line of prescription shooting and tactical glasses are tough and up to the task. We hand pick these frames and lenses based on quality, protection, and comfort. Protective shooting glasses are a mandatory safety item for all shooters. With our years of experience under our belts, we’ve become accustomed to what to look out for when equipping our people for any segment.

When you head out into the online optical safety segment, there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for prescription safety glasses, sunglasses, and goggles. Consider the following key features of quality shooting glasses before you make your purchase.

Build-In or Removable Side Shields

Wearing shooting glasses with a pair of built in or removable side shields might be your saving grace. Alternatively, you can buy wrap around safety glasses that offer similar protection. What side shields and wrap around safety glasses both provide is a higher field of physical protection around your eyes. They do this by increasing the field of protection of the physical barrier that protective tactical glasses create. This increased barrier will help to protect your eyes from ejected shell casings, sunlight, and dust.

Meet Industry Standards of Protection

Additionally, purchase yourself a pair of shooting glasses that meet industry standards of protections. Glasses with safety ratings and certifications go through rigorous testing. This testing ensures that the glasses can withstand high impacts and are tough enough to protect you in a hazardous environment. You need glasses that are impact resistant. We urge our customers to remember that prescription safety glasses with ANSI Z87+ standard ratings are highly impact resistant and protective. Alternatively, at RX-Safety we also carry a range of MIL-PRF-31013 ballistics rated tactical glasses. Prescription tactical glasses that have MIL-PRF-31013 certification are the military standard.

High-quality Materials

Also, other features to consider while shopping for shooting glasses are protection from the elements. Make sure your shooting glasses are built from protective high-quality material. They should be made of material such as high-quality TR-90 Nylon which is lightweight, but still impact resistant and extremely durable. UV protection is also a must when shooting outdoors in direct or indirect sunlight. Lastly, our number one advice for shooting glasses is to make sure your eyeglasses prescription is added to your glasses. You’ll see better and feel much more comfortable while shooting. Of course, this also helps with accuracy. At RX-Safety, we pride ourselves on offering an easy ordering system where you can add your prescription to virtually any pair of frames. Additionally, we offer a wealth of customizing options such as tints and anti-fog coatings.

Now you know how to chose your prescription shooting glasses, check out our wide range of shooting glasses and prescription tactical glasses to get the best option for you.

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