Christmas Gift Guide: Give The Safety Glasses They Want

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the pressure to get the perfect gift for loved ones and friends might be overwhelming. While it might seem exciting to go for something completely out of the box, sometimes the more practical approach is the way that matters most–here’s why.

The holidays are an extremely busy season. When the hype dyes down and the Christmas trees are put away, the last thing people need are gifts that they won’t likely use. That’s why we’ve created this exclusive guide. It features practical, everyday gifts like sunglasses and shooting glasses that people will likely return to time and time again. And with our high-end gifts at affordable prices, these are products you don’t want to miss out on.

We invite you to keep reading to learn more of how these gifts could bring the ultimate sense of cheer to your loved ones and friends this holiday season. 

Quality matters to us

Many times when making an important purchase, customers like to get a feel for what brand they are buying. Even if the brand is a bit familiar, it helps knowing the ideals behind the products.

With RX Safety, you get a family owned brand who’s passionate about research and technology, all in efforts to produce safety and regular eyewear for people’s ultimate protection. The good thing about RX Safety is even though they design high-end products, they believe in bringing individual’s honest prices, as they believe safety is a right and not a luxury. So with budget-friendly products and innovative eyewear, everyday people have accessibility to high-performing products–a deal you simply cannot beat.

Let’s take a closer look. 

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-15011

These classic prescription glasses are the perfect gift because they’re a best-seller–and for good reason at that. These rectangular, boxy frames take sophistication to the next level and are extremely comfortable. With rubberized nose pads and temple bars to secure your glasses in place during your daily tasks, they are comfortable for all day use. 

Another neat feature about the RX-15011 safety glasses is that they are prescription available, allowing individuals to pair they’re unique needs for a customized approach. They are also extremely safe. Being ANSI Z87+ approved, they’ve been tested and approved by the highest industry standards so you can be sure you are getting great quality for your money. 

Along with comfort and safety, you also get style as these glasses are available in five unique styles for a unique approach to daily work life. 

Prescription Safety Glasses T9603

If you know individuals who are bold in nature, we would definitely suggest the T9603 prescription safety glasses–here’s why. 

These glasses are one of our new arrivals and provide an edge to any wearer. They feature a gasket for extra protection to keep dust and other irritants out. They are also  extremely lightweight, making them ideal for all-day use.

Again, at RX Safety we care deeply about your safety. That’s why these glasses are ANSI Z87-2+ industry approved for your ultimate protection. So not only do you have design and technology combined, but you also get the ultimate protection, making them the perfect gift. 

Wiley x Frames: Wiley x Boss

Wiley X Boss in Matte Black Frame with Captivate Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses, Angled to the Side Left

Wiley X is a popular brand that will surely be a great gift for the holiday.  You can never go wrong with Wiley X frames, as they take precision to another level–let’s take our best seller Wiley X Boss, for instance. 

Wiley X Boss are our sleek, prescription safety sunglasses that provide the ultimate level of performance. Not only are they ANSI Z87+ approved for optimum safety, they also feature a foam gasket for additional protection, mirror lens coating, and are great for any kind of activity. In three distinct lens colors, they provide both variety and style for wearers making them a wonderful gift for the holiday season. 

Digital Gift Cards Available

Sometimes choosing the right frame can be a bit difficult. There’s no need to worry about stressing over prescriptions or lense colors because we have e-gift cards available in any amount. This will ensure you are still able to give the perfect, practical gift of the holiday season. 

We’ll answer your questions

We have representatives and trained technicians on the phone and online ready to answer your questions and who will be happy to make this a perfect gift-giving holiday for you and your loved ones. 

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