RX safety offers lens replacement for any kind of glasses

Gift giving can be both an exciting and an overwhelming task. Not only do you want to find something of great quality, but you’ll also want to find something the recipient can use, especially as no one likes throwing money away.

If you want to give the person you care about something more special, we have the solution for you. In fact, at RX Safety, customers can grab any kind of frame and upgrade their lenses, creating the ultimate personal gift.

Before we get into the process, we’ll talk a little about the brand and why our eyewear would be a perfect gift for this holiday season. 

RX Safety: the brand

RX Safety designs exquisite eyewear that’s accessible to everyday people. Not only does this brand implement research and technology into everyday designs, but they do it at a fraction of the cost. At RX Safety, safety is not a luxury, and this brand believes in honest prices that reflect that in their products. 

Having a gift from RX Safety is a great idea because we design eyewear that makes you look and feel good. A gift from us is more personal because individuals will have an investment in themselves. With our high-end designs and affordable styles, gift recipients can develop a true sense of confidence and enter into self-care for the holiday season. 

Keep reading to learn more about upgrading specs for you or your loved ones. 

Lens Replacement Process 

The process for lens replacement at RX Safety is really simple and easy and doesn’t require all the hassle. 

In fact, you can grab any frame and we’ll upgrade the lens to you at your convenience. Simply go to our website and fill out the lens replacement form. Once you provide the details, the frame type and lens options, simply purchase your new eyewear. We’ll then replace the lenses after they’re shipped to us.

This makes a more personal gift, as the receiver will then have their favorite frame with upgraded lenses, from a brand that doesn’t compromise on quality and style. 

Contact us

Our representatives are working hard this holiday season to ensure you have all your questions answered. If you need any additional help or want to know more about our lens replacement process, feel free to contact us online or by the phone–we’d be happy to help you select a more personal gift this holiday season.

  1. Dale says:

    Sent my frame in to have real glass myopic lenses put in.
    Vision with the glass lenses is fantastic. Much sharper than my plastic lenses in the same prescription. They actually feel like a slightly stronger Rx, but they are the same. They are a bit thicker, and heavier, but a small price to pay for the enhanced clarity.
    I wear them full time, and if I go back to the plastic lense glasses, they actually feel too weak, especially for distance. I will probably always order glass lenses from here on.

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