RX Safety releases innovative T9538S protective eyewear

When it comes to safety eyewear, RX Safety knows a thing or two. In fact, we provide solutions to everyday people in their unique workplace with our revolutionary safety eyewear. 

We know that finding affordable options can be a hard task, along with finding industry-approved eyewear for your protection and safety.

  No need to worry. With the T9538S RX Safety glasses we’ve merged safety, comfort, and style to give you an innovative pair of safety glasses perfect for many work environments.

So hang with us and we’ll show you just how we’ve pushed the mark in safety and design.

T9538S safety glasses at a glance

The T9538S Rx safety glasses are a lightweight, classic, rectangular frame style. What’s truly unique about these glasses is that they feature removable side shield panels. This adds an additional layer of protection for the eyes and face. Not only are these glasses safe and protective, they also meet the American national standards institute for safety standards. Coming in black, brown, and clear colors, they are suitable for both women and men and are the perfect pair of safety glasses for any working environment. 

These new,complete safety glasses also accommodate individuals with high prescription. Customers are able to pair their unique prescriptions with these glasses with no hassle–whether they have single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses. Customers can also add any type of lens coatings including anti-reflective, anti-fog, and UV protection–all at an affordable price. 

Ultimate safety

With these cutting-edge glasses, you get ANSI Z87+ high impact approved glasses. This means they’ve been tested by the highest safety industry standards. In case you have more questions about the ANSI Z87+, please visit their center faq page.

Easy comfort, with added durability 

Again, with the T95385S safety glasses, you are getting a lightweight frame. This allows the glasses to be comfortable for all-day use for any work environment.

This collection of prescription safety glasses is also made from high-quality TR-90 Nylon. Because of this, customers will be able to invest in high-quality and durable pairs of safety glasses, all at affordable prices.

High-end style

There’s no need to compromise on style with the T95385S safety glasses. The colors offered with each pair of glasses are truly trendy. This allows customers to display their personal style, all while protecting their eyes. Again, colors for these rectangular, pristine glasses come in black, brown, and clear. 

So there you have it. The T9538S Rx safety glasses pair safety, design, and comfort together–all with the customer in mind. Suitable for any work environment, these safety glasses are sure to take customers to the next level. So feel free to discuss any additional questions with our customer service representatives–we’re here to help, always providing groundbreaking solutions for your everyday work needs.

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