RX Safety releases New Prescription Safety Glasses T9603

Sometimes finding the right pair of safety glasses can be a difficult task. And with the holidays quickly approaching, you may be wondering how you can locate the most performative pair at an affordable price.

Well, you’re just in time. In fact, RX Safety has just released the T9603 prescription safety glasses designed for those who need extra protection in various working conditions, especially from dust, water, and other fine particles. 

Keep reading to see why these glasses are the ultimate solution for your working needs. 

Flawless design 

The T9603 prescription safety glasses are not your everyday safety glasses. For starters, they have a lightweight design, comfortable for all day use. These glasses also offer side shield protection, adding an additional level of safety for any work environment. But what’s truly versatile about these glasses is that they feature a removable, rubberized full-sealing gasket for an added layer of protection against dust and other irritants. So you can be confident that your eyes are protected around the clock, allowing you to do your daily duties with precision and ease. 

The T9603 prescription safety glasses are sleek, polished glasses that offer a unique look when it comes to safety eyewear. With colors available in orange with clear and black and clear, they are sure to give its wearers a refined, definitive look.  

Prescription for any wearer

These alluring glasses were made with the customer in mind as customers are able to add their prescriptions. It doesn’t matter if you have single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses, the glasses are highly accommodating. Providing customers with more flexibility, these safety glasses also accommodate high prescription safety glasses.

You can also add any type of lens coatings that you want to these high prescription safety glasses. This includes anti-reflective, anti-fog, and UV protection lens coatings. We understand that there are many unique wearers and we make it our priority to accommodate their unique set of eyewear safety needs.

Safety you can trust

When it comes to safety, this is a brand you can trust. These new prescription safety glasses T9603 meet all the ANSI ratings for impact resistance. This means that they were inspected with consideration of the highest quality imaginable–making your protection and safety top priority.

These prescription safety glasses are also made from high-quality TR-90 Nylon to ensure durability. Because of this, customers will be able to invest in a quality pair of safety glasses–at an affordable price. 

Durable, sleek, and performative, the T9603 prescription safety glasses is right in time for the holidays, delivering solutions you can trust. So feel free to reach out to our customer service representatives to learn more about RX Safety’s newest prescription safety glasses and how they are the right fit for you.

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