What are the best motorcycle riding glasses of 2022

Rx Safety is no stranger to safe and protective eyewear. In fact, RX Safety is known for its wide variety of sophisticated eyewear, with an extensive variety of motorcycle prescription glasses.

With nearly 20 years of providing high-end eyewear, RX Safety delivers on its commitment to provide quality brands that you can trust. It should come to no surprise then that this company would have some of the most elite motorcycle glasses on the market.

In this article, we’ll highlight the top performing, and what makes them so unique. 

So keep reading. But first, let’s take a quick dive into the importance of motorcycle safety glasses

Why motorcycle glasses

One of the top purchased items to compliment a bike rather than motorcycle glasses is a helmet. It’s also important to protect the eyes while riding your bike as well–and here’s why. If dust from the road or winds get near your eyes, it can greatly impact your control while on the road. Also, adding anti-reflect and anti-fog coatings to your glasses can provide an even more secure trip.

You may be thinking that motorcycle glasses are just another expense. Don’t worry–we’ve got three affordable options for you for 2022.  

Top 3 motorcycle glasses of 2022

Wiley X Enzo with Rim

First on our list we have the Wiley X Enzo with Rim. These motorcycle sunglasses come from the Wiley X collection–a top, performative brand that keeps comfort and safety in mind.

Features to highlight include special lens coating, as well as a removal face shield that prevents contact with irritants. And while it’s UVA/UVB protection provides the ultimate sense of eye-protection and wellness, it’s durable lens material meets ANSI safety standards.

7Eye Aspen

One of the most popular brands around the motorcycle industry, 7Eye Aspen will leave you feeling both safe and sophisticated.

These sleek motorcycle glasses are prescription available, provide maximum comfort with its foam seal, and feature a patented filtering technology that prevents the lenses from fogging. With several lens colors and frames to choose from, these glasses add an element of edge while keeping safety and comfort in mind. 

GP04 Prescription Safety Goggles

Last–but definitely not least–we have the GP04. These savvy wrap-around goggles provide the ultimate protection and comfort for bike wearers. 

One of our RX Safety’s newest frames, these glasses are amazingly lightweight, and feature foam sealing and wide lens view with a great deal of comfort. There’s also a safety strap which will secure the frame on the motorcycle helmet. And with prescription available for the insert, you can have pristine vision with class innovation. 

We’d love to help

So there you have it. Three top-of-the-line safety eyewear glasses for your motorcycle needs in 2022. 

Feel free to contact us online or over the phone to learn more about these top performing styles. We have team members ready to assist along with optometrists who can provide additional details and help you create a more tailored approach for daily safety eyewear needs. 

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