How to celebrate this International Women’s Day with these safety eyewear

When women began to enter the workforce in the early 20th century in America, there were scarce educational and employment opportunities compared to the positions held by their male counterparts.

Along with societal stigmas placed upon married and single women, a shift began to rise by the 1930s, when single and married women began to enter the workforce in large numbers after their right to vote in the 1920s. 

By the 1930s-1970s, women’s participation in the American economy began to heavily rise, and with new technological advances, new opportunities in higher education, and more factors, the two household incomes were established in our society. 

In fact, by the 1990s, women were pursuing higher professions like doctors, lawyers, managers, and professors. 

While there has been much progress against waves of opposition, there is still much room for improvement in our society, as women continue to face wage gaps compared to men, especially disportionately for women of color.

This International Women’s Day doesn’t have to be just another day on your calendar. In fact, if you are a place that requires safety glasses, you could gift them quality eyewear as a token of appreciation for providing their dedication and putting their safety on the line. Safety eyewear made with great intention and of high quality, and protection you can’t afford to skip out on–not for the people on your team that matter.

So let’s get to it–here are three safety frames we’d recommend in light of International Women’s Day. 

The Prescription Safety Glasses T9730

The Prescription Safety Glasses T9730 are a cat-eye style frame. So not only do they look stylish, but they feature integrated side shield protection for added safety while on the job.  

They also feature rubberized and adjustable nose pads, providing extra comfort, which is great for long periods of wear, as you can wear them practically all day. 

These safety glasses are also ANSI Z87-2+ approved for superior protection meeting very rigorous standards, protection that provides confidence while performing the hardest jobs.

And you won’t have to compromise on style at all. They come in a set of unique colors allowing you to both look and feel confident on and off the clock. 

RX-15011 prescription safety glasses

One of our best selling frames, these glasses make the perfect International Women’s Day gift. 

At the core, they are a rectangular frame with permanent side shields for that extra layer of eye protection. This does not make them heavy, but they are still extremely durable, being made from TR-90 Nylon. And with rubberized nose pads and temple bars, they provide a secure, perfect fit, ideal for great comfortability. 

What’s also great about these frames is that they meet both American and European safety standards, providing a high level of protection, prioritizing safety at its finest. 

Coming in a variety of sophisticated colors, women of all ages will be able to do their job with confidence and ease. 

The Prescription Safety Glasses T9559

The T9559 prescription safety glasses are cutting-edge frame design with built-in side panels. This offers a wider range of eye and face protection as workers are free to focus on the tasks at hand. 

Coming with silicone nose pads, rubber temple bars, as well as detachable rubberized foam brow guard, they provide additional comfort, which is well deserved as one constantly contributes their talents and creativity to the workplace. 

These safety glasses are extremely stylish and complimentary, coming in several colors including clear black, clear neon green, clear teal, and clear pink.

And meeting ANSI Z87.1 and ANSI Z87+  for high impact standards, these are safety glasses you can trust to provide the highest level of eye protection to female workers on your team. 

We’re here to help

RX Safety is a family-owned business that is dedicated to providing quality products and service to its customers. 

Whether an individual with a question, or a corporation with a larger inquiry, we do our best to provide a hands-on approach for all of our inquiries. 

If you have any questions regarding how you can make this International Women’s Day a great one for the women on your team, RX Safety would love to partner with you. In fact, we offer a corporate program for company bulk orders. 
Contact us here for more information, and Happy International Women’s Day!

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