Top 3 prescription safety glasses for woodwork for 2022

Woodworking displays great craftsmanship and overall intention and can be done for work or as a personal hobby. It can also be a great way to get away from the digital aspects of things and cultivate mindfulness as you create great pieces with your hands.

But whether you’ve just started woodworking or have been in the craft for many years, it’s important to stay protected with the proper eyewear. 


Because failing to do so could result in negative consequences–we’ll talk about that in this article. 

Also, to avoid those circumstances, we’ll be discussing several safety glasses you can wear during your professional or personal practice that can benefit your overall safety.

So let’s get into it–keep scrolling to learn more about the importance of safety glasses and woodwork. 

Why you should wear safety glasses when woodworking 

Safety glasses may be like a last minute thought, but they should always be one of your first priorities when it comes to woodworking.

For one, you may be working with power or sharps tools like drills and saws and can easily have a mishap. When wearing safety glasses, especially those of great durability, they can protect your eyes in case any of these tools, or pieces thereof, get too close to your eyes.

Not only that, but there are also other things you should look out for. This includes things like  sawdust, small chunks of wood, or particles that can cause irritation or even damage the eye. 

So while you may think you could go without safety glasses, you would benefit greatly from wearing them while carrying out your tasks, whether great or small.

If they seem like just another expense, don’t worry. We’ll get into affordable options that are durable and safe for any work or personal environment.

The RX-Q368 prescription safety glasses 

To start, these edgy safety glasses feature a wrap around, durable frame. This means they will protect all areas of your eyes while working. 

They are also made from TR-90 Nylon, being impact and chemical resistant, and giving you the protection you need while accomplishing various tasks.

Another feature of this frame is that it has adjustable nose pads and rubber nose pieces to ensure the glasses provide a secure fit on your face. As you complete rigorous activities in the shop, like sawing, for instance, you won’t have to worry about these glasses slipping off your face.

And being ANSI certified, they offer a high level of safety and protection, all at an affordable price. 

The Prescription Safety Glasses T9603

These sleek safety glasses combine safety, style, and affordability.

They feature integrated side shields, providing you additional protection for the eyes when working. 

They are extremely durable and offer a secure, comfortable fit with silicone nose pads and rubberized temple bars. 

What’s also great about these glasses is that they feature a removable silicone gasket for protection against dust and other irritants–perfect when working in any woodshop environment. 

Although stylish, you won’t compromise on safety as they are ANSI certified, meeting rigorous industry standards. 

The RX-F10 prescription safety glasses 

With a great deal of sophistication, these safety glasses are a rectangular frame with side shields, protecting you from unwanted contact with wood pieces and particles with the front and side of the eye. 

They are durable and lightweight, making them comfortable and secure to wear during various woodworking activities. They also feature rubberized temple bars and silicone nose pads that keep them from slipping, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. 

Available in a variety of unique colors, they are also ANSI certified for your protection and tested for durability, giving you confidence and peace as you create pieces you are most passionate about. 

Ultimately, these glasses are great for any woodworking environment.

In conclusion

Now that you’ve read a bit about the dangers of working with safety glasses in regards to woodworking, and have been provided with our select options to ensure your eye safety, we want to hear from you.

Because your questions and concerns matter.

Our customer service representatives are highly trained to assist you with any questions you may have about the glasses in this article, so feel free to contact us.

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