How do I find cheap prescription safety glasses?

First, you need to know that getting prescription safety glasses at a genuinely affordable price is possible. Sometimes we head to the optician and notice a high quality yet high priced pair of branded safety glasses that seem nice but also seem to be at an expense that isn’t easy to absorb. 

It’s crucial to have a pair of prescription safety glasses that have a wide variety of benefits. Whether it’s for work, your hobby or you want to head to the gun range for a day of practice, protecting your eyes and having safety glasses with a prescription is a must-have and a genuine possibility! 

At RX Safety, we made sure to keep our curated selection of prescription safety glasses affordable for all, and that’s why we work tirelessly with major brands such as Phillips Safety to reduce the pricing as much as possible. At the same time, we’re also able at these prices to still ensure that our prescription safety glasses still follow the criteria necessary to be certified appropriately. 

That’s why at the bare minimum, many of our safety glasses with prescription come with ANSI Z87+ high impact protection and ratings to ensure that any debris that comes towards your eyes, these glasses will protect! 

So how affordable are we talking about? 

We have prescription safety glasses starting as low as $19.99. Here are some of our best selling affordable prescription glasses recommendations below:


When it comes to a great starter pair of safety glasses, you cannot go wrong with the T9538s models. These come in an excellent rectangular shape that is able to handle high prescription lenses without any loss in style. 

We offer three core colors, clear, brown, and black, best for those that are looking for a classic muted tone. These prescription safety glasses can be used as a regular pair of prescription glasses since the side guards are detachable. 

This means you can enjoy the lightweight frames daily and still have some form of protection. They start at around $40, staying within the theme of affordability. 

Rx OP 30 

These prescription Safety Glasses offer more curvature for a more fitted, nearly wrap-around style. The RX OP 30 model comes in two flavors, black and black tortoise. These are not only ANSI Z87+ certified but also follow European standards EN 166. 

Another excellent frame choice for those looking to have safety glasses with high prescriptions, as the frames will easily fit and hide the size within their design. These also come with detachable side guards, making them another ideal backup pair. 

These prescription safety glasses also fall around the $40 category to ensure you can always find a good affordable pair of prescription safety glasses. 

RX – 70F

We end our recommendations here with one of our lowest cost and most affordable option. The RX-70F comes in at the $20 mark and comes only in Charcoal Grey. Styles aside, it still offers that safety rating that our prescription safety glasses come with. 

There are also non-detachable side guards for additional protection. So for those that are looking to get a nice starter set of safety glasses or a backup pair of safety glasses, these are a fantastic high-quality lightweight option. 

Hopefully, you realize that safety glasses are affordable and that there are many options to choose from. Consider this a minor investment into protecting something that rarely can be replaced, which is, of course, your eyes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any questions about any of our products at RX safety.

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