New Wiley X safety sunglasses

With Spring in full flow and Summer around the corner, we’re pleased to announce the expansion of our product line in the Wiley X series. When it comes to safety glasses, Wiley X is a premium brand with numerous features that will help give you exactly the type of protection you’re looking for while at the same time keeping you stylish and in fashion. 

Wiley X just released these three new safety sunglasses, and we’ve been able to get a hold of them for our loyal clientele. As usual, all of them are an excellent option for just your average day or for a day of heavy-duty work. In addition, all the sunglasses here offer both 100% UVA and UVB protection.

Wiley X Alfa

These sunglasses are great for those that are considering high prescriptions safety sunglasses. The Wiley X Alfa is a larger frame, so it’s also suitable for bigger faces or those looking for oversized safety sunglasses. In addition, they come with the ANSI Z87+ impact resistance and their standard lightweight, protective frames. 

This model from Wiley X comes with seven different variations to handle different styles. You can either get a matte black or clear frame with a mix of lenses from clear to polarized. At the same time, these safety sunglasses come with detachable side guards, having them ready for play after the work is done.

Wiley X Ozone

Another ANSI Z87+ certified model, the Wiley X Ozone, is an excellent option for those that prefer the wraparound feature in their safety sunglasses. They come in matte black, matte grey, or matte charcoal frames. Depending on the frame, there are several lens options as well. From blue mirror lenses to polarized lenses to those that just want the protection and simple, clear lenses. 

This is a great pair for those who expect to be out in the heat and sweat a lot. No one needs to have foggy glasses, so whenever you need them, you can use the detachable foam gaskets that help with airflow and circulation, eliminating that fogging problem. 

Wiley X Trek 

Look no further than the new Wiley X Trek safety Sunglasses for those looking for maximum safety sunglasses protection. The Wiley X Trek is another great option for those looking for higher prescription safety sunglasses, and the Wiley X Trek is built with detachable side shields and a large frame to offer the protection you expect from the Wiley X series. 

There’s no lacking in style either; whether you’re looking for the matte Havana brown frames with polarized copper lenses or its opposite with the Crystal Light Gray Frame and Captive green polarized lenses, there’s a style for anyone and any situation. 

Just remember, when you’re looking at Wiley X options, you’re looking at quality and protection first. They are one of our top brands of prescription safety glasses and perfect for those who have hazardous jobs or want extra levels of protection while out fishing on the open water or trekking through the wilderness.  

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