RX Safety is an official dealer of Ray Ban sunglasses

RX Safety, the leading online source for safety and performative eyewear, has provided creative and revolutionary optical solutions in the industry for many years. A part of this mission entails giving our customers access to high end quality eyewear brands. With that, we are pleased to announce our official distribution of Ray Ban prescription sunglasses.

Ray Ban has influenced eyewear culture since the 1930s. From the air to the ground, their styles have served many aspects of culture including military, law enforcement, lifestyle, and even the music scene. Now, at RX Safety, customers can get exclusive access to the most popular Ray Ban sunglasses styles. Some of these include, but are not limited to, the wayfarer, clubmaster, and aviator styles.

Ray Ban sunglasses provide durability and comfort, as well as select materials, allowing you to have stylish moments with ease. Our distinction comes in that we offer all Ray Ban products in prescription. We understand that each customer has unique eyewear needs, so with RX Safety, we’ve provided many of our customers the advantage of getting the latest Ray Ban frames.

Not only this, but as a distributor, we offer affordability, keeping our promise to provide fair and honest prices to our customers. This is a core aspect of our mission that we’ve held since our humble beginnings. Even now, we continue that promise, making quality a right for all individuals, opposed to a luxury that it is so often considered. 

Shopping at RX Safety also provides more features for Ray Ban sunglasses. Not only are they prescription and affordable, but there are an array of lens colors and coatings options. This can enhance your life’s everyday moments with crisp, detailed, and safe visuals, while keeping your glasses in pristine condition.

In short, we care deeply about providing the best quality eyewear to our customers. As an official distributor of Ray Ban sunglasses, we are enthused to promote high quality luxury eyewear to those who need it the most, offering unique optical experiences for life’s everyday adventures–big or small.

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