How to choose Nike Glasses

As an official distributor of Nike Vision’s line of Nike prescription sports glasses, we wanted to take the time to help those who are interested in picking up one of these frames with a simple guide. This will help whittle down the choices and ultimately have you select an option with a sense of satisfaction. 

Know how you’ll use these frames

Before looking at any design options, colors, or styles, it’s important to know what you will use these Nike prescription glasses for. Is it for a day’s worth of playing tennis or a casual day at the golf driving range? 

Will these Nike glasses be used on a daily basis, inclusive of everyday work, or will they be the go-to pair of Nike prescription glasses when you’re ready to do your hobby? Once you’re able to decipher the use for them, you can start with a high-level set of options. 

Pick your shape

You need to be familiar with what type of shape your face is currently. Also, if it’s considered a small, medium, or large-sized face. This will help you select the frame style you’re looking for, whether it’s rectangular (for larger faces), squared (for large to medium-sized faces), Oval (for medium to small-sized faces), or round (preferred option for smaller faces). 

Pick your color

Now that you’re going for the right form and fit, it’s all about picking the correct type of color. This is important as you’re going to be wearing these often, and it’s essential you pick a color that you’re comfortable with. 

If you don’t want to grab attention, then go for darker, fuller colors that don’t pop out. If you want to add some flavor and fashion to your Nike glasses, then consider lighter and brighter colors that will be a lovely accent to your style. There’s always a sleek and modern gradient color set you can go with as well if you want to have a sharp look without being too extreme. 

Stick with Nike Vision

They do a great job of bringing some of the most stylish yet functional options to the overall prescription glasses arena, especially for sports. They have an excellent price point and handle all the various shapes and frame styles out there. In addition, Nike glasses have both a wide range of colors as well as some of the boldest color choices you never knew you wanted. 

You don’t even have to leave your home when you decide to work with RX Safety. We’ll take the Nike glasses you’re looking for and your prescription and build out the glasses with lenses for you and get them to your home. We take pride in offering this level of convenience to our customers. 

In case you’ve got any further questions regarding us here at RX safety, or you’re not sure which Nike Vision glasses to grab, we’d be happy to help and walk you through which style will work best for you. 

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