Brand New T6511 Prescription Safety Glasses

At Rx Safety, we always enjoy it when a new pair of safety glasses come our way. But, we’re especially happy when that pair has a focus on being prescription safety glasses. This is due to the stigma that still seems to be around about the fact that safety glasses or safety sunglasses are still a challenge when it comes to the prescription part. 

Well, the times have changed, and that’s easily seen by these new frames known as the T6511 models. At first glance, these look like one of our more premium options with its sporty, designer wraparound style. Yet you’re getting that great frame and design at an excellent price point that knocks out the competition every time.

Another item to note when it comes to the T6511 is the customization options with the prescription lenses that are possible. But, again, RX safety wants to make the experience as complete and simple as possible, and the only thing you need are your measurements. 

After that, you can truly build the prescription safety glasses lenses you’ve always wanted. The T6511 can house the latest, most durable lens options and over a dozen lens colors to make these a unique pair for work or something new to try out as a primary pair of prescription safety glasses.

You can also opt to improve the performance of our ANSI Z87+ ratings that these frames come with by getting extra durable lenses with specific scratch resistance coatings. That rating alone helps provide protection against high mass and high-velocity debris, so you can do what you need to do without hesitation. 

Or maybe you prefer to have an ultra-lightweight yet durable pair of prescription safety sunglasses with mirrored lenses that you may not have known could easily have a prescription attached to them. 

With four colors to choose from, from a simple black to military green, or even a blue or deeper navy blue, your options with the lens coatings and colorings seem endless. This level of customization is where we know we excel at. 

That doesn’t mean there’s no comfort with this customization or protection. What would be the point then? First, it comes with rubberized temple guards and rubberized nose pads, so there’s no unseemly pinching and marks left after a hot, sweaty day. Then, of course, that lightweight durability comes from the TR-90 nylon materials used to make the frame, providing chemical resistance.

All of this comes in a great package that turns the T6511 model prescription safety glasses into your prescription safety glasses every time you order them. 

We know how excited we can get when we get a new model on the line, and we know that at times with our extensive choices, this could lead to confusion, such as what is blue light lens reduction for or how does wraparound help with the protection through its secure fit. Whatever the questions are, we know we’ll be able to help you find the right answers while you grab yourself a pair of these amazing-looking prescription safety glasses.

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