How to wear safety glasses over glasses

We understand that you are used to your prescription glasses. You’ve taken the time to find just the right pair, and they are comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. In addition, you’ve invested a lot in them to get specialized lenses that may be ultra-thin or possibly have added transition lenses. Yet you still have a work environment where you need the added protection of safety glasses. 

If your regular glasses don’t meet the rigorous testing to comply with ANSI Z87 testing or higher protection levels, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to grab a second pair of glasses as prescription safety glasses. Instead, you can opt for nonprescription fit-over glasses that will act as an ad-hoc layer of protection when you need them the most. 

Fitover Safety Glasses

Our first option comes in a matte black frame, with the opportunity to get three different types of lenses. These fit-over safety glasses come with either clear, smoke gray, or yellow lenses, all depending on what kind of preference you’re looking for. They also have lenses on the sides to add to your overall peripheral vision and not restrict the picture in any way. Finally, they’re big enough to cover most normal-sized prescription glasses. 

Phillips PSG-SP16 Safety Glasses

The Phillips model is a no-frills option that is perfect when you only need to put on safety glasses periodically throughout the day. They are extra large and come with large side protection to ensure they can wrap around many types of non-safety prescription glasses. 

This model comes in a clear only option and is meant to be purely functional over anything else, but will get the job done in protecting your eyes against splash and projectiles as needed with its ANSI Z87-2+ safety standards. 

OnGuard Guardian Safety Fitover Glasses

These fit-over safety glasses easily position over many types of prescription glasses while providing complete protection around. It comes in two sizes, so make sure to confirm the measurements when ordering, and they are extremely lightweight, making them a comfortable option to wear throughout the day instead of a heavier option. 

In addition to ANSI Z87+ certification, The OnGuard Guardian also comes with OSHA approval, making them an ideal choice to maximize that protection without investing in a separate pair of prescription safety glasses. 

While they offer total protection in two distinct sizes, they come in an all-clear design focused on fitting on top of your existing pair of glasses. 

All of these fit-over options are nonprescription choices, and what’s most important is that they come in at some of the lowest costs we have throughout our site. Therefore, they are an excellent option when you simply need to have something immediately.This can help eliminate the decisions required for getting prescription safety glasses and still maintain that protection and an extensive level of comfort. If you’ve got any questions about sizing, always reach out to us before making a purchase so that we can confirm the right size for your existing prescription glasses.

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