The Importance of Safety Glasses for School Sports

The-significance-of-safety-glasses-in -school-sports.

As the school season is upon us yet again, that means kids are heading back to school and playing sports. So naturally, safety while playing sports is a priority, and we want to ensure that simply taking advantage of wearing safety sports glasses can prevent major injuries and enhance their game simultaneously with constant clarity in their vision. 

A great brand that produces these types of performance sports glasses is Bolle. They have been an industry leader when it comes to performance wear for the eyes, PPE, and safety glasses in general, for over a century. That means they know exactly what the demand is and the shortcomings of any type of eyewear and always do their best to rectify the situation and provide some of the best performance eyewear on the globe. Below we’ll look at three options for parents to get for their children before they head back to school.

Before we dive in, all three frames come with ASTM F803 safety standards, meaning they are ready to take a projectile going up to 90 mph and still protect your child who’s wearing one of these frames. The projectile size range is within 40mm to 65mm. Also, all of these are possible with a prescription.

Bolle Sport Field Glasses

Coming in some of the best color combinations, such as black with red, black with blue, and crystal with orange, The Bolle Sport Field Glasses are a solid entry with comfort in mind as well as protection. They come with rubberized temples and nose pads, as well as an adjustable strap for a secure yet comfortable fit. However, these tend to be on the larger side, so keep that in mind when buying them for your children. 

Bolle Sport Playoff Glasses

When you’re ready to enhance your children’s sports performance, you’ll want to grab a pair of these. These frames can have flash mirror coating, or even photochromatic lenses added to them, making them a perfect outdoors option, where the wearer will have optimal clarity regardless of the lighting conditions. 

The Bolle Sport Playoff glasses are constructed of high-quality lightweight plastic to not weigh down the user and also come with a strap for a more secure fit. Don’t worry about being too tight, as these also come with rubberized nose pads and temples. The colors only get more stylish here with either navy with fluorescent red, black, and orange, or black and yellow. 

Bolle Sport League Glasses

These glasses are the most adaptable of the three coming with a click and twist strap system to ensure they stay on. The rubberized temples and nose pads also help these glasses not to slip while maintaining comfort. The color options for the Sport League are also fantastic, with them coming in a primary color and underlying color tones such as black with blue highlights, navy with orange highlights, or gray with yellow highlights. These frames also come in at a more medium size than the other two. 

As always, we’re here to answer any questions about sizing, durability, or prescription options needed anytime.

Safety-is-key-in-sports.-With-safety- sports-glasses,-kids-can-avoid- injuries-and-improve-their- performance-with-clear-vision.-Explore-our-top-quality-sports- glasses-at-RX-Safety.

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