Advantages of wrap around prescription safety glasses

Wearing prescription safety glasses doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. In fact, with new technology and eyewear advances, there are more solutions that address the overall experience of safety eyewear. RX Safety, a family-owned business, is the leading online prescription safety glasses and performance store. They provide many solutions to safety eyewear and utilize […]

Bifocal safety glasses and the reason you should own them

Prices for glasses can quickly add up. And if you’ve ever needed or heard about bifocal glasses, you know that their complexity tends to come with an even greater price.  Here at RX Safety, we believe in honest and fair prices, vowing to make even technology advanced eyewear accessible to everyday individuals who need them […]

How to keep your safety glasses from fogging with RX Safety

If you wear any type of glasses, fogging has most likely happened before. Safety glasses are not exempt either. Fogging can occur when your glasses are consistently exposed to temperature changes or humid conditions. And if you’re engaged in strenuous activities such as physical labor, sports, or exercise, you’re likely to see fogging in your […]

Ordering prescription safety glasses with RX Safety

Prescription safety glasses are of high importance and benefit the productivity of workers on a daily basis. If your work requires safety glasses, and you happen to use a prescription, prescription safety glasses are the way to go.  Sometimes, however, finding the right fit can be a bit complex. If you’re going to be working […]

How to Clean Your Wiley X Sunglasses

One of the front-running brands in the online safety sunglasses segment is Wiley X. At RX-Safety, our customers are constantly on the go and work in a variety of fast-paced, demanding outdoor segments. Wiley X is one of the most popular manufacturers that we carry, and our customers know how to put these sunglasses through […]

RX Safety answers: Glasses under airsoft masks?

Whether tactical games or paintballing, airsoft masks are used for superior protection for intense collisions. Sport or tactical, people shouldn’t be excluded on the basis of their eyewear needs. Because while prescription glasses can be worn under airsoft masks, they tend to be uncomfortable. Don’t worry. In this article, we’ll talk about solutions at RX […]

Getting replacement lenses for your ESS sunglasses

Our ESS sunglasses are some of the most tactical and edgy styles in our collection. Originally made for first responders, they continue to serve those on and off duty, as well as those who simply need glasses with an extra level of protection.  We know there’s no need to waste your money on countless pairs […]

What is HSA and how to use it for RX Safety glasses

We know that prescription safety glasses can easily end up on the costly side. With all of the additions and special accommodations, the small things can add up pretty quickly, resulting in an unfavorable bill. No need to worry though, as we have a solution for you. In this article, we’ll talk about the Health […]

What are the best motorcycle riding glasses of 2022

Rx Safety is no stranger to safe and protective eyewear. In fact, RX Safety is known for its wide variety of sophisticated eyewear, with an extensive variety of motorcycle prescription glasses. With nearly 20 years of providing high-end eyewear, RX Safety delivers on its commitment to provide quality brands that you can trust. It should […]

Favorite tactical prescription glasses of 2021

As experts in safety eyewear, we know a thing or two about eyewear that meets the toughest industry standards.  In fact, in this article, we’ll be naming some of our favorite tactical prescription glasses of the current year. We’ll also be highlighting the key differences between military glasses and safety eyewear.  So hang tight. We’ve […]

Rx Safety launches new women’s prescription safety glasses–T9730

We know it’s difficult finding occupation safety eyewear that checks all the boxes of being safe, comfortable, and fitting. Even moreso, it’s hard finding safety products specifically made for women. Now, with RX Safety’s T9370 women’s prescription safety glasses, there’s no need to look any further. Safety glasses T9730 has just arrived on the cusp […]

RX safety offers lens replacement for any kind of glasses

Gift giving can be both an exciting and an overwhelming task. Not only do you want to find something of great quality, but you’ll also want to find something the recipient can use, especially as no one likes throwing money away. If you want to give the person you care about something more special, we […]

Safety Glasses for her – The present you were looking for

Finding the percent gift for her can easily be a challenging task. But with RX Safety, you can get affordable and perfect deals to complement any gift.  As makers of safety glasses, we understand how underwhelming it can be to find glasses that stand out, as they tend to have a more neutral look. Because […]

RX Safety releases innovative T9538S protective eyewear

When it comes to safety eyewear, RX Safety knows a thing or two. In fact, we provide solutions to everyday people in their unique workplace with our revolutionary safety eyewear.  We know that finding affordable options can be a hard task, along with finding industry-approved eyewear for your protection and safety.   No need to […]

Christmas Gift Guide: Give The Safety Glasses They Want

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the pressure to get the perfect gift for loved ones and friends might be overwhelming. While it might seem exciting to go for something completely out of the box, sometimes the more practical approach is the way that matters most–here’s why. The holidays are an extremely busy season. When […]

Shooting Glasses Lenses Color Guide

If you’ve ever sought out to buy shooting glasses, you might realize there are a variety of colors to choose from. So how can you be sure you are picking the right tint?  While it may be tempting to pick a lens color based on the color alone, each lens color provides advantages in certain […]

Wiley X Captivate Lens – Everything you need to know about

The Wiley X brand was founded on its uncompromising dedication to technology and safety. Now, with Its line of Wiley X Captive lenses, it continues its promise by offering revolutionary optical advancements for everyday people.  With Wiley X Captivate lenses, you no longer have to search for clearer and pristine vision. These technological-sound lenses are […]

RX Safety releases New Prescription Safety Glasses T9603

Sometimes finding the right pair of safety glasses can be a difficult task. And with the holidays quickly approaching, you may be wondering how you can locate the most performative pair at an affordable price. Well, you’re just in time. In fact, RX Safety has just released the T9603 prescription safety glasses designed for those […]

Do you need shooting glasses if you use glasses?

While prescription glasses offer great visual advantages for wearers, when it comes to shooting activities, they aren’t as protective. In fact, safety glasses offer far more protection. With impact resistant lenses, for instance, they can protect the eyes against debris and other flying objects. So if you’re shooting for sport or other events and have a […]

How can I purchase safety glasses that will accept a high prescription?

As many are aware, a strong prescription often means that you have limited options when it comes to choosing frames. However, at RX-Safety we don’t want this to mean that customers with high prescriptions can’t find their perfect safety frames. It’s important to us that all of our customers have prescription safety glasses that are […]

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