How are Prescription Glasses Made?

Working a prescription into a lens is akin to shaping and polishing a fine piece of wood. And that’s just part of the process. Making Prescription Glasses Prescription glasses take many stages of processing before they are ready to be sent to the customer. From pulling the lenses to grinding the prescription, edging to coating, […]

The Difference Between Prescription Glasses and Prescription Safety Glasses?

Most people who need prescription safety glasses also wear regular prescription glasses, and some of them wonder, “What’s the difference between regular prescription glasses and prescription safety glasses?” In other words, what makes prescription glasses “safety”? Prescription Glasses Vs. Prescription Safety Glasses There are a few qualifiers in the United States that a pair of […]

Thindex 1.70 High Index Lenses

Rx-Safety offers several different lens materials for prescription glasses. If you are interested in high index plastic, the material that we recommend most is Thindex 1.70 due to its optical clarity, light weight, and thinness. High Index Lenses: Thindex 1.70 Thindex 1.70 is a Vision Ease brand lens and can be purchased in clear or with […]

Rx Safety Releases New Transition Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are only effective while you’re wearing them. It seems pretty obvious, but most of us can give at least a few excuses for taking off our glasses during the day…

How Progressive Lenses Work

How can it be a bifocal without a line? About Progressive Lenses Progressive lenses, or progressive no-line bifocals, are a type of lens with varying prescription strengths depending on which part of the lens you’re looking through. Unlike traditional bifocals, however, progressive lenses do not have a line separating the distance prescription from the near prescription. […]

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