Where Can I Get Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses?

Ray Bans are some of the most popular and recognizable shades on the market, and they do come in prescription. Want Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses? Yes, You Can Get Them. There’s a reason Ray Bans are so popular. Not only is a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses a great-looking pair of shades; they’re sturdy, well-built, […]

Prescription Glasses Vs. the Ocean

Saltwater is the bane of many metals and useful things. How will your prescription glasses fare? Prescription Glasses Vs. the Ocean The ocean destroys or devours a lot of prescription glasses. Many things rust or degrade when regularly exposed to the salty air near the beach or the spray of constant use on an ocean […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Inserts

Most prescription safety glasses on our web site have the prescription lens directly in the frame: right where you’d expect it to be. But some safety glasses require special prescription inserts. When Prescription Safety Glasses Need Inserts There are some styles we carry, however, that have a front lens, or a shield, and behind it […]

Why Do My Lenses Cost So Much?

When shopping for glasses online, it’s pretty common to feel bogged down by the cost of prescription lenses. Why are My Prescription Lenses Expensive? If you are in the market for a new pair of prescription glasses and have decided to buy them online, you may feel like you’re being gouged when you see how […]

Top 5 Men’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013

The Top 5 Men’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013 The science behind eyewear is constantly advancing and improving, and the styles are getting better and better. If you’re a man shopping for prescription sunglasses this summer, you’re in for a treat. Some of the sunglasses frames and lenses out there today combine fashion and function […]

Where Can I Find Nerd Glasses?

In an interesting turn of events for the fashion world, the nerdiest prescription glasses are currently also the coolest. Nerd Glasses are In: Here’s Where You Get ‘Em! Nerd glasses are available today from a few different brands, and they come in a wide variety of styles. Retro, wayfarer, square, oval, and circle are just […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for Splash Protection

Prescription safety glasses for splash protection are often categorized synonymously with prescription safety glasses for impact safety, because both require wraparound coverage and the ability to prevent objects from flying into your eyes. Protect Yourself From Splash with Prescription Safety Glasses The main thing that sets safety glasses for splash protection apart from those without […]

Top 5 Women’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013

When it comes to sunwear, each year brings a new wave of chic styles and artistic fashions. What’s in this year for women? Women’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses: The Top 5 for 2013 If you’re a woman in the market for a new pair of prescription sunglasses, there are a few things to pay special attention […]

Prescription Glasses for Computers

Most people don’t realize that eye fatigue from computers can be greatly reduced by the glasses they wear. Why Do I Need Prescription Computer Glasses? Most people who’ve worked on a computer for a long time wear glasses, and while research shows that computer monitors do not emit any sort of radiation that can cause […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for Impact Safety

Most prescription safety glasses purchased online are for impact safety, and for good reason. Impact Safety Starts with Prescription Safety Glasses There are plenty of other types of prescription safety glasses, from those for laser safety to those for glassblowing or welding, but far and away ANSI Z87-approved prescription impact safety glasses are the most […]

Polarized High Index Lenses for Sunglasses

Polarized high index lenses for sunglasses can be pretty tough to find. High index lenses do not come in as many colors or types as some other types of lenses, such as polycarbonate or standard plastic. Sunglasses with Polarized High Index Lenses The reason for this is that the material either will not work with the […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for Electrical Work

There are a number of different precautions that electrical workers need to consider when shopping for prescription safety glasses. Electrical Work and Prescription Safety Glasses For one, it is not always necessary for electricians to wear prescription safety glasses. Also, sometimes the only prescription safety glasses electricians have to wear are the kind that are […]

Types of prescription lenses – a brief, informative guide

Shopping for prescription lenses when purchasing glasses online can be a bit complex if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Don’t worry. In this article we’ll cover various prescription lens types and highlight what they’re best used for, and where you should get them. So keep reading. Our guide may be just the help […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for Carpentry

Prescription safety glasses come in a variety of different shapes and styles, and each is best suited to a specific function. What are the best safety glasses for carpentry. The Right Prescription Safety Glasses for Carpenters In carpentry, the eye hazards you have to deal with the most are sawdust, objects being propelled toward your […]

How are My Prescription Safety Glasses Made?

Prescription safety glasses are not the same as regular prescription glasses. In general, prescription safety glasses are more difficult to process and more complicated to make. Making Prescription Safety Glasses There are a variety of parameters that need to be taken into account before a pair of prescription safety glasses is even started in the […]

What to Look for in Prescription Motorcycle Glasses

One of the most common requests we get is a recommendation for a pair of prescription motorcycle glasses. Here’s a little primer… Shopping for Prescription Motorcycle Glasses If you need prescription glasses for the bike, we have several different styles that are tailored to the specific needs of motorcycle riders. Some of the most important […]

How Rx-Safety’s Prescription Safety Glasses are Less Expensive than the Optometrist’s

Potential customers looking for prescription safety glasses call us just to say, “I’m just calling to make sure that this web site is real. How are your prices so much lower than everyone else’s?” Forget the Optometrist: RX-Safety Offers Less Expensive Prescription Safety Glasses There are a few reasons why our costs are so much […]

How are Prescription Glasses Made?

Working a prescription into a lens is akin to shaping and polishing a fine piece of wood. And that’s just part of the process. Making Prescription Glasses Prescription glasses take many stages of processing before they are ready to be sent to the customer. From pulling the lenses to grinding the prescription, edging to coating, […]

The Difference Between Prescription Glasses and Prescription Safety Glasses?

Most people who need prescription safety glasses also wear regular prescription glasses, and some of them wonder, “What’s the difference between regular prescription glasses and prescription safety glasses?” In other words, what makes prescription glasses “safety”? Prescription Glasses Vs. Prescription Safety Glasses There are a few qualifiers in the United States that a pair of […]

Thindex 1.70 High Index Lenses

Rx-Safety offers several different lens materials for prescription glasses. If you are interested in high index plastic, the material that we recommend most is Thindex 1.70 due to its optical clarity, light weight, and thinness. High Index Lenses: Thindex 1.70 Thindex 1.70 is a Vision Ease brand lens and can be purchased in clear or with […]

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