Prescription Sports Glasses for Adults

Your vision is essential to your quality of life; it is the human being’s most relied-upon sense. What would you do if you lost an eye to your favorite sport? What Adults Should Know About Prescription Sports Glasses In the United States alone, a person visites the ER every 13 minutes with an eye injury […]

What are Fuglies Prescription Sunglasses?

Fuglies prescription sunglasses not only look cool, they give you all sorts of great protection when you’re working or playing outside. Fuglies Prescription Sunglasses for the Great Outdoors Fuglies is an Australian brand that took the world by storm when it introduced its line of shades. It’s no surprise why: Fuglies prescription sunglasses are awesome-looking, […]

Prescription Sports Glasses for Kids

According to the National Eye Institute, eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children. How can they be prevented? Protective Prescription Glasses for Sporty Kids Vision is the most relied-upon sense that human beings have. We use our vision every day, all the time: to read, to drive, to walk, to run… and […]

What Do the Numbers on My Prescription Mean?

Ordering prescription glasses online means entering your prescription into a form. But what does it all mean? From deciphering the numbers representing your eye power to understanding the measurements for astigmatism and pupillary distance, there’s a lot to consider. Continue reading so you’ll gain valuable insights into the intricacies of ordering prescription glasses online and […]

What are Prism Reading Glasses?

Heard about prism reading glasses, but aren’t sure what they are? Read on! What are Prism Reading Glasses? Prism reading glasses are spectacles that turn your vision 90 degrees towards your feet, allowing you to read a book or watch TV while laying flat on your back. They use prisms, not mirrors, to turn your […]

How Do I Use Clip On Sunglasses?

Prescription glasses wearers know all too well how difficult it can be to get caught in the sun with clear glasses on. How to Use Clip-On Glasses Clip on sunglasses are perfect for the prescription glasses wearer who needs sun protection and doesn’t want to carry around a second pair of glasses. Not only do […]

The Usefulness of Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses

If you’re considering why you should buy a pair of polarized clip-on sunglasses, read on. Why Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses are Useful Polarized clip-on sunglasses have a wide variety of uses in the sun. They are versatile, easily stored, and practically universal. And, while clip-on shades may seem like something people rarely use or buy, nothing […]

What Lens Color is Right for My Prescription Safety Glasses?

The correct choice of a lens color for your prescription safety glasses is critical to their effectiveness. Let’s find out why… Choosing the Right Lens Color for Your Prescription Safety Glasses Prescription safety glasses are used in a huge variety of industries, from construction workers pouring concrete to motorcycle riders to fishermen. If you are […]

Prescription limits–lens curvature in wrap around frames

Prescription lenses alone are complex in nature, but when it comes to curved lenses in wrap around frames, things tend to get a bit more complex. Don’t worry. If you’re trying to determine if wrap around frames are for you, we’ll talk about that a bit in this article. In addition to that, we’ll discuss […]

Can I Get Cheap Ray Bans?

Ray Bans are in the top eschelon of sunglasses both for style and quality, and they aren’t “cheap.” Ray Bans Don’t Come Cheap… for a Reason Many Ray Ban styles are duplicated, knocked off, and mimiced. Some of these may even look identical to the originals. But the fact remains that Ray Bans aren’t sold […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Progressive Bifocal Lenses

Progressive bifocals are the most complicated bifocals you can get, and they’re also the most popular. There are many different types and brands of progressive bifocals, and they all have their specific purpose. Progressive bifocals are not only known for their functional benefits but also for their sleek and modern design, making them a preferred […]

Prescription Glasses Vs. the Ocean

Saltwater is the bane of many metals and useful things. How will your prescription glasses fare? Prescription Glasses Vs. the Ocean The ocean destroys or devours a lot of prescription glasses. Many things rust or degrade when regularly exposed to the salty air near the beach or the spray of constant use on an ocean […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Inserts

Most prescription safety glasses on our web site have the prescription lens directly in the frame: right where you’d expect it to be. But some safety glasses require special prescription inserts. When Prescription Safety Glasses Need Inserts There are some styles we carry, however, that have a front lens, or a shield, and behind it […]

Why Do My Lenses Cost So Much?

When shopping for glasses online, it’s pretty common to feel bogged down by the cost of prescription lenses. Why are My Prescription Lenses Expensive? If you are in the market for a new pair of prescription glasses and have decided to buy them online, you may feel like you’re being gouged when you see how […]

Top 5 Men’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013

The Top 5 Men’s Designer Prescription Sunglasses for 2013 The science behind eyewear is constantly advancing and improving, and the styles are getting better and better. If you’re a man shopping for prescription sunglasses this summer, you’re in for a treat. Some of the sunglasses frames and lenses out there today combine fashion and function […]

Where Can I Find Nerd Glasses?

In an interesting turn of events for the fashion world, the nerdiest prescription glasses are currently also the coolest. Nerd Glasses are In: Here’s Where You Get ‘Em! Nerd glasses are available today from a few different brands, and they come in a wide variety of styles. Retro, wayfarer, square, oval, and circle are just […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for Splash Protection

Prescription safety glasses for splash protection are often categorized synonymously with prescription safety glasses for impact safety, because both require wraparound coverage and the ability to prevent objects from flying into your eyes. Protect Yourself From Splash with Prescription Safety Glasses The main thing that sets safety glasses for splash protection apart from those without […]

Prescription Glasses for Computers

Most people don’t realize that eye fatigue from computers can be greatly reduced by the glasses they wear. Why Do I Need Prescription Computer Glasses? Most people who’ve worked on a computer for a long time wear glasses, and while research shows that computer monitors do not emit any sort of radiation that can cause […]

Prescription Safety Glasses for Impact Safety

Most prescription safety glasses purchased online are for impact safety, and for good reason. Impact Safety Starts with Prescription Safety Glasses There are plenty of other types of prescription safety glasses, from those for laser safety to those for glassblowing or welding, but far and away ANSI Z87-approved prescription impact safety glasses are the most […]

Polarized High Index Lenses for Sunglasses

Polarized high index lenses for sunglasses can be pretty tough to find. High index lenses do not come in as many colors or types as some other types of lenses, such as polycarbonate or standard plastic. Sunglasses with Polarized High Index Lenses The reason for this is that the material either will not work with the […]

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