Are Lined Bifocals Better Than Progressive Lenses?

When you are shopping for a new pair of eyeglasses, you will likely spend some amount of time on your lenses. Yes, the style and design of your frames certainly matter, but your lenses will determine whether you can properly see. It is important to recognize the differences between certain lenses so you can see […]

Progressive Lenses or Bifocals: Which Are Best for Your Nike Prescription Glasses?

If you are in your 40s or older, and find it harder to read small print when using your prescription glasses, you may have presbyopia. This is a condition that every middle-aged person eventually gets. It simply means your eyes aren’t as youthful as they used to be and can’t reshape their lenses enough to […]

How To Apply Stick On Bifocals?

Appling Stick On Bifocals? We know you have a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses that you just absolutely love, right? You know, that pair of glasses that you never want to leave home without because you can’t function without them. Even though you love those glasses so much, you are realizing that you need something […]

Are Progressives the Lenses for You?

So, you’re 40-something, and you’ve been starting to hold things you want to read at arm’s length, or taking your glasses off when you need to see something close-up.  You’ve passed another life milestone in that you now need glasses to read.  If you already needed glasses, that means you’re going to need a whole […]

How to Install and Remove Stick On Bifocals

Stick on bifocals are really an awesome invention. They allow you to take a normal pair of glasses, safety glasses, or even sunglasses and turn them into what you need – reading glasses. Even small print is easier to read and it will allow you to focus up close on objects. The great thing about […]

Will Stick-On Bifocals Work For Your Daily Life?

Did you have a tough year last as year as far as your vision goes? You have probably tried numerous things to help your vision, but you have not had any luck. Have you ever read or heard about stick on bifocals and wondered if Stick-On bifocals will actually work for you? Stick-On bifocals are lenses […]

Is It Hard to Get Used to No Line Bifocals?

Realizing that you need to switch from regular glasses to bifocals can be tough to accept, but no line bifocals make it a lot easier. They look like any pair of eyeglasses, so no one has to know that your vision is getting worse. Plus, with today’s glasses, you can still look on-trend when wearing […]

Flat Top 28 Bifocal vs Progressive Bifocals: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Both

If you’re in need of bifocal lenses, you may have heard about regular bifocals, progressive bifocals, or even flat top 28 bifocals. If you’re not already familiar with what each has to offer, it can be confusing and a little overwhelming deciding which to choose. Sure, your eye doctor will tell you a little about […]

Bifocal or Progressive Lenses – Which is Right for You?

When it comes to choosing prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, it is often difficult to know what to choose unless you are reading eyeglass tech articles. Sure, your optometrist knows which ones to recommend but often you are still left wondering if you’ve made the right decision. When it comes to choosing bi-focal or progressive lenses, […]

FT-28 Lined Bifocal Lenses with Transitions

What is an ft28?  FT-28 is a bifocal lens with two points of focus – usually one for distance and one for near vision. Bifocal portion of lens is in the shape of a half moon and is 28mm wide. Transitions means that when the lens is exposed to UV light, such as the sun, […]

Wrap around bifocal safety glasses

If you are looking for a stylish wrap around safety glasses that are ANSI Z87 Approved then check out our  Wraparound Bifocal Safety Glasses SB-9000.  This frame offers built in side shields, rubberized nose, template and arms, and is made of a lightweight yet durable plastic. Ordering them is made easy through our customer friendly […]

Stick-on bifocals reading lenses

If you are looking for an alternative to purchasing expensive bifocals glasses then at Rx-Safety we have a solution for you…Stick-On Bifocal Lenses. They are lightweight and ultra thin lenses which make it easy to turn any sunglass or safety glasses into bifocals.  They are simple to use, apply them to your glasses using water […]

Bifocals That Stick onto my Existing Glasses

Presbyopia. Even if you’re not familiar with the name of this ocular condition, if you’re over the age of forty, there’s a very good chance that you’re familiar with its effects. As we age, the lens of our eye becomes more rigid and does not always conform as well as it used to; when this […]

Best Onguard Prescription Safety Glasses

OnGuard Safety is one of the leading providers of prescription safety eyewear for industrial, sports, and general consumer applications. They offer almost a hundred different frame and style varieties, in nearly every prescription and featuring scores of options. Today we’ll preview Onguard’s best prescription safety glasses. “Best,” of course, is a relative term, and in […]

Can I Measure Segment Height by Myself?

Segment height is one of the essential measurements used when creating a pair of lined, or standard, bifocal lenses. Measuring Segment Height By Myself Measured in millimeters, the segment height is the distance between the bottom of the lens and the bifocal line. This measurement establishes the height of the magnification portion of the lens, […]

How Do I Know When I Need Bifocals?

People often wonder just when it becomes necessary to opt for bifocal lenses. When Do I Need Bifocals? The answer, of course, depends upon the individual and their unique vision needs. While presbyopia – the condition in which the lens of the eye alters enough to prevent one from focusing easily on nearby objects – […]

Stick-On Bifocal Lenses for Sunglasses

Do you like to read outdoors but suffer from presbyopia, the common middle-age condition that makes it hard to focus on objects up close? Like to garden, write a journal, work on a hobby, or engage in similar outdoor activities that require clear close-range vision? Sure, you can buy sunglasses and you can buy readers, […]

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